best rock SACDs

I need suggestions for the best recorded rock SACDs...thanking all in advance.
Are you looking for best music or sound? How do your tastes run?
Dark Side Of the Moon, Paranoid by Black Sabbath on shacd, 3 Doors Down "A Better Life", The Who "Live on the Isle of Wright". The entire Pink Floyd catalogue is being reissued on sacd in the coming months.

The worst rock sacd: Alice in Chains Greatest Hits! Absolutely unlistenable. taste runs from late sixties to metallica etc...all over the, I'd like the best of both.
For Dylan fans, and apart from rate-a-record opinions on choice of backup singers and the like, the hybrid SACD reissue of 'Street Legal' resurrected a reputedly DOA technical disaster (Dylan effectively "produced") -- and rationalized track list inclusions, too, if I recall correctly. I have only the SACD, and it's very acceptable by inscrutable Bob standards, as well as having tracks that add up to this being yet another critically underrated Dylan record in its time.

Eleanor McEvoy may not qualify as rock by some standards, despite electric guitar, but she has a focused personal concern for audio production quality and has [had?] multiple recordings out on SACD (and vinyl) -- intelligent stuff, notably musical, and recommended.

Classic Kinks stuff was reissued as a no-nonsense 5 (?) disc SACD box set -- that might turn up as a bargain somewhere.
The 'Stones stuff is pretty cool (what do you expect, it's the 'stones).... As with most of their music, it's not the greatest from a sonic standpoint, but much better than other CD's I've heard, better than a lot of the vinyl too.
Best sounding rock sacd I own is Joe Satriani's "Engines of Creation."
music from big pink (the band) - the recently released MFSL sacd is a must-have if you're into late sixties. (their stage fright is also excellent, but musically not quite the masterpiece 'big pink' is). I second the Dylan recommendations: Nashville Skyline + Blood On the Tracks are essential Dylan (and nice-sounding SACDs). I also second the Stones recommendation - the early stuff (hot rocks) is nicely engineered; Let it Bleed could be their best ever...
"Best" is in the eye/ear of the beholder. There is no definitive "best" anything, it's all subjective. When you ask a question like this, the answers will always be what folks think is "best" to them in their system.
The Stones!
Surprised no one seems to have mentioned Deep Purple's "Machine Head", and The Who "Tommy". Two classics IMO.
SHM SACD of Dire Straits "Love Over Gold." Eagles Hotel California which is just out is excellent also.
The SHM SACD Paranoid is the best Sabbath recording I have ever heard. Truely awesome recording. And an incredible piece of music if your a fan of the genre.
Dire Straights Love Over Gold. Love that album. Still have the vinyl version with the 45 RPM LP side of "Private Investigations". The sonic quality from that album still has not been matched on CD.