Best PreAmp with HT pass-thru?

Could use recommendations for a good preamp unit to take the next step up in 2 channel performance.Currently running an Arcam 7SE CDP into a B&K AVR202 reciever, to Odyssey Stratos monos, to Totem Forest floorstanders with SVS 25-31PC sub filling in the bottom. Monoblocks are still breaking-in but I already know the resolution produced from the B&K is lacking. Thinking of a unit in the 2k ballpark. Am a little leary of full passive pres for what I've read in possible diminished dynamics and ultimate loudness. (Totems are only 87 dB rated.) Ideas? Thanks all.
There's a conrad-j in the 2k ballpark with a pass-thru. Audio research makes the ls-16 and ls-25 (mark-II, I believe), which both have pass-thrus. They retail for more than 2k, but you can get them used, and they sound really terrific. I'm using an Adcom GFP-750 in a combo setup, which is an absolute steal at its price. There are lots out there, but these are the only ones I've personally heard.
I love BAT Tube Preamp. Under 2K you can buy VK-3i or VK-5i. Actually I currently have VK-5i to integrate with my HT system and really satisfied with its performance. By the way, Sonic Frontiers Line-1, 2 are also under your budget. Really good quality gears.

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Supakit S.
All of the Big boys offer this feature now: Audio research, Krell, Mark Levinson, Classe. What ever your taste is, go for it. I do have to say I own the Audio Research Ref II and experience a little crackling noise when put in the processor input. I was told this was from the tubes and it is normal. I have never experienced it before but this is my first tube preamp. If anyone knoes otherwise or has a cure, please let me know!......thanks......Vader
If you're looking for absolute transparency I'd also recommend the Adcom GFP-750(see Stereophile, www.soundstage!.com, and for reviews), which can be run passive or active. Another solid state unit you might consider is the new McCormack RLD-1 that really does a nice job combining the virtues of both tubes and solid state(see www.soundstage!.com). If you're considering tubes, in addition to those mentioned above there is also Rogue Audio. All excellent units with HT pass throughs that really will come down to personal taste and system interaction. Best of luck.

Sonic Frontiers SF3SE & SF2SE preamps have HT pass throughs. Used you can find a 2SE in your range.
Peace. Keith
I also have Totem's (Mani-2), and used the ARC LS-16 in a combo 2-ch/HT system with excellent results (I actually preferred it to the more $$ LS-25).
Pass Labs x-0 ($8k) has a pass thru. x-1 and x-2 do not.
Vader007....! My BAT also have the same crackling noise when it's in HT pass through. I believe that when we use HT pass-through, the preamp is set to a very high volume thus make us here the noise from tubes. The noisy your tubes in music mode, the worst sound in HT pass-through.
Supakit, I dont get any noise in music mode? Do you own the SE version? I auditioned the Ref II, MKII that has the 6H30 tubes like the Bat SE stuff but I dont remember if I used the passthrough or not. Thanks for the feedback.....Vader