Best preamp for Odyssey Stratos?

I am looking for opinions on what preamp sounds the best with the stratos. I tried the Etesian and didn't like it very much. Are there any good passives or tube units that match up well? Thanks
I had the monos before. I found the Supratek line of preamps (I have the Chenin)to be a very good match. My brother had the Stereo Extreme mated with Bent Audio NOH with great results as well.
How about the Odyssey Tempest?
The Oddyssey match well with my Art audio preamp.
As Amandarae mentioned above, the Supratek is a great preamp for the Odyssey (also true for almost every amp out there). The Bent NOH if you decide to take the "less is more" route is also superb and can drive the Odyssey very well. Yes, I'm the brother. Godspeed.
Another vote for Supratek-I have a Syrah that drives my Stratos Extreme very well and sounds wonderfull.