Odyssey mono question

I have been reading half day about Odyssey monos (run into first thread by accident - must say happy one - and later read about fifty more of them here, on Audioreview, and others), must say I'm impressed. Because I'm in transition period from MF A300 to (Clayton M100, Pass X250, was considering ASL hurricane).

Stereo Times on April 15, 1999 stated:
but it comes damn close to matching the Clayton, (falling behind slightly to the Clayton’s wonderful top end and superior inner detail).
I wish I could read such comparison for M100 and mono's (extreme, Signature) version.
Have anybody made such test? Which one is better, how does it compare, if at all. I know that M100 is more expensive but odyssey mono's, but according to rave reviews it was able to compete with 3 times more expensive equipment???
Would appreciate if somebody could shed any light on this topic for me.
Sorlowski, I own extreme monos oddyssey, IMS the extreme
came out more musical, with bigger sounstage than the
x250,the monos also did extremely well with the Thiel
CS6,My friend was shock when the x250, he own cant
match the monos,I was shock too.How good are the monos?
In my system they are too good not too try them.
For the price I paid I laugh, because I know now
you can have a very good amp,If you are not into brand
names,Oh before I forget,I also tried the Krell FPB 300
in my system, prefer the monos,By the way I use them
with my andra,art audio preamp,and ah cdp.But if you
decided to audition them, caution,burn in takes at
least 6 to 8 weeks. I almost gave up on them.Glad I
did not.
thank for response, really appreciate,
have one more question though, what is a difference (price, built) between "standard" mono and extreme. (I heard there is another variety of monos named Signature).
Unfortunately there is no information about it on their web page.
Have you looked here ?

There is info here when the extremes came out - archive odyssey at this site -- not much activity here anymore though --- odyssey is currently at audiocircle.com forum

hope this helps ......
when the extremes first came out the upgrade was 500$ or so.
i have a standard set of monos for my sub(one for each speaker -vmps large sub) and a set of extremes for my mains (4ohm 89db -3.5 way).

klause is on vacation right now till some time in august(its posted at his forum at audiocircle)he will happily answer your questions when he gets back-your better off asking him than us- he likes to talk.

p.s. go back to the odyssey web page, look at the very bottom and click odyssey mexico,then click the amp on the web page, hehehe the specs for the extreme and standard monos, its actualy a better page than klaus's
it help even too much, I got to know another contender AVA Fet Valve 550Ex from this page, it is supposed to beat eXtremas.
Life is not easy to me, when I'm close to make decision I'm getting to know another one, and I'm lost again :)

thanks for info
Don't believe EVERYTHING that you read.
I do not, especially after experience with Sony...
though I would appreciate if you be willing to tell exactly what you have meant, I'm intrigued :)
Your question is an interesting one. I just sent my mono's back to Klaus to have them upgraded to extreme. I decided to do this after I listened to a friend's Clayton M100 set up. It pointed out to me a deficiency in my set-up. I have not heard them one against the other. I can say I was happy with the monos until I heaerd the Clayton. I am hoping the extreme will push it to beyond the Clayton could hear deaper into the background with the Clayton and it was a bit warmer in the middle. I think the extreme will change those things. After I get them back I will be ale to compare them one on one.
i wonder has anyone compare symphonic Line RG4 mono with clayton M100? thanks
please let me know after audiotion, how much better eXtreme are, maybe as good as claytons???
the extremes are a step up over the standard-no doubt.
its all about synergy, i cant wait till my pre is ready(also odyssey)-ALSO BE PREPARED FOR A LONG BREAKIN PERIOD,i liked my extremes from day 1, a audiophile friend didnt-he thought it had a hot topend and loose bass, when he heard again about 2 months latter he thought it was a different system (first words out of his mouth-what the f@#! )-tube like smooothness.
my standard monos are about 4 weeks old now, starting to hear bass sounds i didnt know existed,decay in notes can be heard now without trying its so clear- glad i decided to use class a, a/b amp not a digital one for bass duties.
i'm more impressed with what i hear at low levels-music(class a)than what they do when cranked for movies.
Thank for your response. I am waiting with baited breath.