Need opinions NAD c272, Parasound Halo, Odyssey?

I know this is has been beat to death. I'm adding a budget amp to my Elite receiver for two channel audio. I want to drive 4 ohm speakers (probably lsi9's). I do not like "klipsch" bright sound (to me Klipsch speakers are way too fatiguing). I've narrowed to NAD c272 (I hear very British silky warm), Parasound Halo 23 or Odyssey Khartgo. I'm not certain the rotel 1070 can handle 4 ohms. I like a neutral to warm sound. Please give opinions. I'm keeping Elite receiver for now..integrated amp out of question. I can only audition after I purchase. The Parasound shur looks pretty
Hi, All the amps you mention are able performers and some quite spectacular in their price range BUT you claim to desire a warm and neutral sound. There is only company who does this better than anyone else and is built like a tank to boot. The company I refer to is B&K, an American Co. and makers of some of the most bulletproof amps ever produced. The power amps produced by them in the late 90's and early 00's are in a word [ Awesome ] with balanced inputs and real power. These amps found used in excellent cond represent the most rewarding finds in all of Audio. A Reference 2220 or a ex-4420 would really ring your ding. All the Best, Matt- Inner Sanctum Audio- Cross my heart I'm not a B&K dealer
I too am not a B&K dealer. My front soundstage consists of a pair of Klipsch RF-63's and an RC-64. With my B&K Reference 4430, bright these Klipsch's are not. Very warm sounding but with plenty of authority. As mentioned before, these amps are built like tanks. Cool running,low noise, and plenty of reserves. It handles low impedences with ease.