best power cords for my levinson 436's

which power cords would you suggest in my home theater system, I have 3 M. Levinson 436 for my front end, 4 bryston 7bst for my rears & sides. Also revel sub 30. I have tv,digital player & lexicon mc12b runing through a monster htps7000
I'm using Synergistic Research Classics with good results. I haven't tried anything else, but they are way better than stock cords.
So how do you like your sub 30? What is the rest of your system like? I'm thinking about buying two sub 30s for my system? Do you think I'd need two?
The sub 30 is awesome Really gets down there, unless your room is huge I doubt if you would need two. What are you using for your main speakers? I'm using the sonoran plateay interconnect on the sub it's working out well.I have settled on the sonoran plateau power cables on all components. They have burned in & sound better than some more expensive cords. The rest of my home th. system consists of all Revel speakers ,Salons , Voice Gems, Emprace, & Sub 30. I've since sold the Monster htps7000 & replaced it with a Running Springs Haley, This also made a huge improvement. I have Straight Wire Crescendo Speaker Wire & interconnects on almost everything else. I almost have the system complete except for mabey upgrading the transport, I have been waiting for Levinson to come out with a multichannel , multiformat player. I wish there could be some stability in the formats sacd , dvda, hdcd, ect, ect, ect. mabey someday these co .'s will get their act together & do whats best for the music industery before people stsrt loosing interest. Good luck on your choices
Check out the recent Krell threads here on power cords.
You should audition the new Stealth Dream cords, expensive but gooooood.
Thanks for the responses. After trying quite a few different power cords ( Kubala-Sosna Emotion, Sonoran, Vitual Dynamics, BMI, & a few others )I've settled on Purist Dominus PC's. These are for my system the best I have tried. Very balabced & nutural.
I'm now in the process of changing all my cables to the Purist Anniversary line interconnects & speaker cables .
Hi Grr - you stole my suggestion!!! Although I would have probably encouraged you to go with the new Purist Aqueous Anniversary power cords, which are 95% of the Dominus performance at a much lower cost. I am sure that your improvement in sound was worth the cost. JOhn
John , Hi, I have a mix of Dominus & Aqueous in my system now. I would agree they are close in performance. I would have to say the Dominus with the Oyaide connectors are ,lets say 20% better than the Aqueous & this not to take anything away from the Aqueous. I would recommend anyone looking for good balanced power cords to give the Purist lines a try.