Best Power Cord For Video Projector

I am using a Samsung SP-a900b JKP DLP projector and will be moving up to a Sony 4k over the next year or so. What power cords have you used with success in these types of setups? Not looking to spend over $1k either new or used.


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power cord will not upgrade your projector.  

power cord will not upgrade your projector."

Of course it will not change the projector at all that is obvious but it can result in substantially better perceived performance I would offer a recommendation for an improved cord but my cords are more expensive and the OP here is seeking a budget cord.
I like the Hi Diamond 4.

Thanks! Hey clearthink, best cord I have tried is a Shunyata Alpha HC which I don't own. What was your experience regardless of price?

billandsol "clearthink, best cord I have tried is a Shunyata Alpha HC which I don't own. What was your experience regardless of price?"

The only budget priced power cord I can personally suggest or recommend is  Aluminata which is about $3,500 USD although you can sometimes a get a little discount in my country but at this budget price level you are going to have to accept some limitations in actual performance.
Basic MIT Oracle ,non networked pc is good;found used from $500 to $600 right here. 
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The power cord is not that important to me. I am using the power cord that comes with the portable projector.

The one it came with. Unless you live next to a radio tower, the EMI rejection from some quad-shielded power cords will not benefit you (it also of course won’t make the picture better, reduce heat output, etc.)
While more expensive ones work better (tried it with other silver power cables when moving around some stuff) I use Cabledyne's Synergy for my broadcast monitor. 12 awg, 99.99% silver, solid core wiring, Teflon dielectric, good shielding, very flexible and not obtrusive, plugs have a good grip on them. They are $175.00 per meter, but often go on sale (were around $80 around Thanksgiving at one point, then later $90 for 1.5 meters).
Silver even when used with power cables for whatever reason brighten the image and help with detail/resolution. Seems absurd, but it does; why, I have no idea.You may want to check with companies that have a trial period though, don't spend the money if it doesn't make enough of a difference to you.
We are talking power cords for a projector, the image will not be brighter nor have more detail/resolution (I honestly don’t know if you were talking about video or audio).