Best Power Cord for Mark Levinson 390S CD PLayer

In search for the ultimate Power Cord ....Any recommendations....?
having tried many of the best pc's in my system..since you used the adjective..'ultimate' need to try the jps 'aluminata' pc..expensive but my system..the best of the many that i have tried and you can try one through 'the cable company' that has demos.
Elrod signiture2 maybe the best.
I Have tried many in the last few years.
The Purist Anniversary is by far the ultimate for me.
I use it on my Levinson 390s & thru out my system.
You will not be disappointed.
Operatoo- the PAD, Elrod Sig 2, and the Aluminata are ALL very good choices for oyur application - and all are also very expensive. I you want to try a moderately priced cable that you might like as well on the Levinson, I would also try the ESP Essence Reference.
If rf is not a problem, the most wildly 'open' sounding cord on my cd player has been a micro ??? from Japan.. (Not omega micro) Used to be sold by hifi farm. Cant even remember the name now. Still have the cord - aqua blue and green woven smallish guage stranded cable. Pretty amazing ability to 'juice' the system.