Mark Levinson 23.5 vs Classé Audio CAM-350

Hi guys.

Between these amps above, what would be the better choice?

I can buy a fully re-capped original (done in April 2014) Mark Levinson 23.5 in Europe, and i have the option to buy a pair of Classé Audio CAM-350 amplifiers from the U.S. which still need to be converted to 230v but it can be done here for a good price. But i wonder if there will be a loss in sound quality because of the conversion.

It's not a matter of power because both amps have enough for my room and speakers.

I like a fast, detailed sound with a big sound stage. When i read about Classé most of the time i read : too laid back. I had to agree on that with a Classé CAV-180 amp that i used to have in the past.

I know that the Classé Audio CAM-350 are known as the better Classé amps from the company.

Thanks in advance guys!
Well Stereophile reviewers reallyloved the Classe amp. Google Classe Audio CAM 350 review. I believe that this is a really good amp. I haven't heard this one, but I have heard other newer Classe products and I am impressed. On the other hand, the Mark Levinson 23.5 is still to this day one of the best amps out there. Recapped, I would have a really hard time passing on this amp. I have two driving my upper panels and bass drivers via Krell crossover for my Martin Logan Monolith III speakers and the Mark Levinson's are simply wonderful still. When I get the money, I will get two Audio Research REF 250 amps to drive my upper panels and keep the Levinson as the bass driver amp. But, if you can take both the Classe and Mark Levinson home for in-home audition that would be great. If you can't, you really need to hear both driving electronics similar or exactly the same as yours.

I'm not sure that either of the candidates are the best example of "fast, detailed sound,..."
@ Unsound: Do you know both amps?
@ Minorl : Thanks for the reply.
Yes, I do.
I had CA401 before and I like the 23.5 much better! More transparent and detailed. I believe the Classe is better with demanding speakers.