Best Phono Preamp for Music Hall MMF-5

I have been making the slow descent into vinyl, recently. I managed to find an excellent deal on a Music Hall MMF-5 here on Audiogon. I love the turntable, but am having a bit of trouble finding a preamp to match it with. I am currently using the NAD PP2 and it doesn't have the gain I prefer or the overall sound. I would like to find a preamp with a gain of 40 or so. I've been considering the Parasound Zphono. Some say it's an excellent preamp, while others say it's noisy. I was hoping to get a few opinions before I began auditioning. I live in a rural area and will have to rely on mail order, so it will hopefullly save me a few trips to the post office. Any help is appreciated.
What cart are you using? What do you not like about the sound now? What is your budget?
I had the Zphono, it was not noisy.
Zphono is a lateral move at best in the same range i like the dual mono project phono very impressive
It still has the stock Goldring 1012GX. It tends too be a little too quiet for my taste. I would prefer something that provided a bit more vibrance. I paid about 325 for the table, so I don't want to get too crazy with the preamp. I suppose my budget is between 200-500.
Musical Surroundings Nova Phonomena has loads of gain and sound good too. Battery powered = no AC noise also it's SS so no tube noise!
Cambridge 640, not the 540. Big difference between the two. The 640 is way better than the zphono and NAD, in my opinion. It will bring a little more life out of your 1012. I've used it with the 1012 and it was a great match.
Thanks Elevick. I will add that one to the list. You all have given me a lot to consider, thanks. Feel free to keep the input coming.
Sorry I thought phono stage not phono-pre!!!
Anyone heard the Jasmine Audio LP SE 2.0? I was skimming the classifieds here and they are selling a few. I've personally never heard of it, but some say that it sounds better than a Dynavector P75.