Best Options In A Balanced Preamp Under $1500.00?

I'm in the process of helping a friend who is a music aficionado, musician and budding audiophile build his first system. As a relatively young guy, his budget is somewhat limited. He will be using a pair of Monarchy SM-70 Pro monoblocks for amplification and now needs a balanced preamp, as those amps truly need a balanced signal for optimum sound performance.

If he had a bit more to spend, I could advise him, but in this particular range of price, I'm not as well versed. What would you recommend in a used balanced preamp as his best option(s)? I say used, because I am not aware of anything in that price range that can be had new, and also to maximize his investment. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Jeff Rowland Capri
Keep your eye out for a used BAT VK-5i or VK-3i.
Wait on a used W4S STP-SE. A lot of pre for the doe...
There is a used Musical Fidelity M6PRE for sale on Agon right now priced at $1500. M6PRE an excellent preamp for that money.
The PS Audio PCA2 is another you could add to the list. There's one listed here now but the price is a good 40% too high IMO.
I owned one for a while, nice smooth operation and neutral sound.
You might look at the YS audio balanced a2 for a grand new.I just got one 2 days ago for my 2nd system upstairs.
Kavent S-33...rebadged Vincent SA-93...maybe hard to find. I'd check out the Jolida Fusion...not expensive, balanced ins and outs, remote, tubes. What's not to like?
Cary SLP 03, one used on the Gon for $1300. Great Cary sound, one set of XLR inputs and one set XLR output.