Best modern EL84 tube

What is the best modern EL84 tube for audio use and why?
Harma, Ei, EH, TAD, JJ ???
I have had great luck with the Electro Harmonix gold pin tubes. I have used them in my second system Jolida 102B integrated amp and my vintage integrated Scott EL 84 (6BQ5) based amp.
The JJ is my favorite new EL84. My favorite vintage NOS is Siemens E84L. This is in my 1959 Pilot receiver.
Try reading the tube reviews on "Brent Jessee"web site.Some nice helpfull info.WWW.AUDIOTUBES.COM
Anyone have any thoughts on the modern EL84 tubes? So far I like the Sovtek EL84 tubes I have in a 5 Watt SET amp but am curious what others think of the modern tubes out there now. Thanks