Best MC Cartridge $300.00 or less

Decided to try a Moving Coil phone cartridge. Turntable is a Harmon Kardon T 60 and pre amp id Threshold FET 2. Any suggestions?
>> I doubt the Dynavector "blows away" the BPS, but I haven't heard the Dynavector. << The Dyna 10x4 is indeed a *much* better sounding cart than the BPS [in all honesty it doesn't take much] - it's a better tracker, it's presentation is less smeared and a hell of a lot smoother without the spittiness of the Sumiko. Mr.Eber, don't you think it would help to audition the products, about which you opine, before pronouncing judgment? That said, a relatively stiff 'coil isn't going to sound its best coupled to the T-60's arm; I'd recommend either a Shure V15, A-T ML-150 or a Goldring 1042. Best Wishes, Felix
How many hours did you put on the BPS, and how long did you own the Dynavector, mr. "opine"? "Fear"?
In that price range, the original 103S by Denon. You can still find them in original sealed condition.
Mr.Eber, I've had a variety of BRS in my system, at all stages of their life; same goes for the 10x4 [the original and the mkII]. BTW, the QC and sonic consistency of BPS was quite poor. I worked in the hi-fi business, 'till a few years ago, and as a result was able to audition and live with quite a few products. I don't own either cartridge; I've used Lyras for the last four years or so. Now that I've answered your question, perhaps you can reply to mine. I just read your reference to the Phonomena phono stage and it's ability to upstage any competing product under $1K, a claim similar to your comments on the BPS and the Dyna. As I understand it you haven't even heard the Dyna and have not compared the Phonomena to similar components. My questions are simple: do you know since you have nothing to back up either claim? 2. do you know what the original poster's TT, for which you recommended the BPS, even looks like? Best Wishes, Felix
How do I know that you are even telling the truth, firstly? I've compared the Phonomena to the latest version of the Black Cube, and the Phonomena was much more accurate, more musical, more dynamic, far had less ss "false edge", and was far better able to fine tune the capacitance and resistance loading...besides the gain. Frankly, I resent dealers (or "claimed former dealers" honking that they've heard it all before "in their store". THERE'S NO WAY YOU'VE HEARD THE PHONOMENA YEARS AGO, BECUAE IT HASN'T BEEN OUT THAT LONG. And claims like that don't mean jack anyhow, becuase no dealer's store I have visited, or heard of, had a set-up that was resolved enough to make adequate comparisons of ANY component, AND NEITHER HAS ANYONE ELSE I'VE KNOWN OR BEEN ACQUAINTED WITH (visited a dealer where even their best "demo rooms" were "up to suff").........................What makes you think you have heard a phono stage that is a better value than the Phonomena? If you think you have, then prove it to me verbally right here, rather than relying on your pompous attitude. Prove that there is a phono stage that represents a better value in the $600 range than the Phonomena, right now.