Best KT88's for an Mc 2000 ? Any suggestions

I have a Mc 2000 that uses Kt88's. I can buy a extra set of eight from Mcintosh for 1K or I can shop around. Anyone have good or bad experience with a particular manufacturer. I just want to have some spares on hand for when the inevitable happens.
There's no reason for you to spend that kind of money. Mac uses the Svetlana KT88's, which you can get from Kevin Deal at Upscale Audio for $45 a piece, in matched quads. Actually, since the Mac has biasing on each tube, if I'm not mistaken, matching isn't even necessary, but I would still do it. Don't bother with the Sovtek KT88 - not in the same league. You could try Electro Harmonix 6550, which looks exactly like a KT88 and can be used in the amp. It would add a little more detail and treble definition, it that's what your looking for. If you want these, I have an extra set of 8 new ones.

The Tesla KT88 is another choice, although their reliability and longevity has been an issue in the past. Sources tell me they sound similar to the Svetlana, with more treble detail.
Svetlana is a must - I was told by people in the Mac field who should know. Superior to the 6550.
I found that McIntosh charges you a lot of money just for their logo on the Svetlanas! I saw quads of KT88 here on AG for $160!
I had to have changed a KT88 in my MC2000 and they charged me a horrific $150 for one tube!!!
Could anybody tell you how long the tubes in the
MC 2000 will last? I have VERY different opinions on that!
I recently purchased some JJ Electronic KT-88s(made in the Slovak republic) from Quest for Sound and really like them. They were a big improvement over the stock 6550s in my Audio Research CA-50.
The EH 6550 is a good choice.
Mac is not doing anything that any Auto Company has not done for the past 100 years.
You pay the piper when you want parts.
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MAC logos.
I have a pair of VAC PA-160 mkII's, individual bias pots for each output valve. According to Kevin Hayes at VAC, matched is not necessary when valves are individually biased. I buy matched sets anyhow, it's an anal thing I guess.
If I'm not mistaken, the VAC kt-88's are from the same factory that Golden Dragons were produced in.
I just have to back up bobgates when he sings the praises of the Tesla (new improved) KT-88's! -also from Steve at Quest for Sound. They seriously bettered the 6550C Svetlanas in my Aronov 110w Monos powering Gallo Nucleus Reference Spkrs. More "air" , slightly clearer mids, and no slackards in the bass - formerly what I had heard was the province of the 6550C's.
-Thanks Steve, credit where credit is due.