Best integrated amp for the new kef ls50's?

Hi there.

I am hearing great things about the new kef ls 50's. And I will be buying some soon.

What is the best integrated amp for the ls50's?

I like female vocals, jazz and alternative.

What is your recommendation under 1000 and over 2000?

So far I am interested in the Nad c390dd. But not sure its worth the price.
Yamaha A-S1000
croft acoustics work well
Probably already bought the amp of your choice. I got stupendous results so far from an old Yamaha R9....receiver?! Sounds much better than it should in our tiny 9x11 room. A Rega Brio would be scary on it, anything by Parasound, very engaging sound to say the least...I am going to try Wyred for Sound seperates next.. These are truly works of art that will give a very revealing presentation no matter what the equipment choice. I would presume one of the modern integrated choice from Yamaha or NAD would be hard to beat on a budget. Crazy good set to grow into.

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For over $2000: the Pass Labs INT-30A if those KEFs are efficient. Or the INT-150 if inefficient or if you like to really rock out at very high decibels.
I heard the KEF 50 demoed at THE Show Newport driven by a Parasound integrated, uncertain of the model. I thought it was the best small/budget (under say $2K) system at the show.
I didn't think Parasound made an integrated. Please elaborate.
Not sure on the Parasound. They may have been driving a Parasound amp directly from a CD player.

If interested, I suggest you ask them.
My friend runs a Parasound A23 with the Kef LS50's and its a beautiful combination.
Actually it might be the A21
I have been using the Rogue Sphinx with great results. $1395

I have the LS50's paired with Audio Research VSi55 I got for 1830 on audiogon. They are an amazing match. I don't think I could do much better. I keep on thinking of ways to change/upgrading the integrated but just in the end don't want to loose the synergy of this setup, its phenomenal, even despite being set up in a fairly large room with 9 foot ceilings.

If I had a balanced source I would like to compare it to a Ayre Ax-7e someday...

Entry level Transparent cabling and a Bluesound Vault as a source using the on board DAC. Soon to be switch to a Auralic Aries Mini.

The amplifier that KEF chose to demo the LS50's at Axpona was the PrimaLuna ProLogue Premium. The reason they asked was because of feedback from owner's who had put that combo together with great results.

You can read about how it sounded if you Google it.

The ProLogue Premium may be out of your budget at $2399. Maybe a used one if it comes up. Or even if you find an old ProLogue One or Two. It would be a really nice system that would last.