Best cost no object tube phono

Hi Agoners,

just upgraded everything to SS Accuphase, loving it and have no intention to go back to tube pre/power. However, I have to admit that I miss a bit of tube sweetness particularly on mid. What is the best cost no object tube phono stage?

Thanks in advance for any advices
I have experience with 

tron seven. that's ok very decent 8000++ usd preamp and phonostage. 

zesto ultra. I think better more setting capability. it's used in million dollar system locally. and sound awesome.

everything comes down to system integration so.. can't really say it's the best but more like more loading  options better internal stepup transformer will be more important. I heard horrible examples and awesome examples of both of the phonostage.. for what's its worth 

Dear @tubegroover  : Why stay quiet and suddenly you have a " voice " to post something about.

Arrogance?, far away from there. I only post true facts that maybe you don't like it.

" "  The diversity of opinion and experience is what makes this hobby satisfying. " "

I can see that you can't honor your statement because my posts are my opinions.

atmasphere : "  then sit down and shut up "

Whom do you think you are? you are only another agon member and nothing more.

""   if you can't get out there and show the rest of us how its done ""

It's not me who needs to show it but you that are an audio manufacturer and I know you can't do it because you have not the adequated knowledge levels with SS designs. I posted that exist, at least , two humble audiophiles that their modifications to your unit at the SS input stage outperformed your design easily ! !   Go figure: just audiophiles ! ! 

You live in the average audio world and nothing more and your frustration to can't aspire to be at the very top with names as FM Acoustics and the like is what makes you post again and again against me but you know what:

the frustrated man is you not me. Every time you do the same against me you make my day because I just confirm that your frustration levels goes high and high.

This is a free forum but perhaps the best you can do is not read my posts and this way you will not distress that always is very bad for your health. Of course that you always can return " for more ".

Why don't you both stop this infantile nonsense ? Let us continue the discussion.
It's not me who needs to show it but you that are an audio manufacturer and I know you can't do it because you have not the adequated knowledge levels with SS designs.
So I've been making all tube preamps for over 30 years, with two patents in that field, just got another patent a year ago in the field of class D amplifiers, which generally speaking are solid state and employ opamps :)  ... We're right now building a run of our beta production class D amps, which are not based on anyone else's design or modules. Just so you know, there's quite a bit of math that goes into making something like that work properly (google 'oscillation criteria'), far more than building a solid state phono section and you're trying to say that you know what knowledge I possess and what I don't. Sheesh.

Let us continue the discussion.
This thread is about tube phono sections, right? Not a defunct 3160 solid state thingy that no-one can get or has ever seen, right? I do high end audio because I like it, and not for any other reason- that's why I'm here. I'm fine with people not agreeing with me- you and I have not seen eye to eye in the past apparently; that sort of thing is normal on the web. Unlike Raul you don't seem to derail threads on a regular basis or make the thread all about you. But Raul makes false statements, he makes personal attacks and if you don't call him out, other people might think that what he says is real.

Do you think his misinformation should go uncorrected? Because we can do that, but this thread won't be about tube phono sections anymore...