Best cost no object tube phono

Hi Agoners,

just upgraded everything to SS Accuphase, loving it and have no intention to go back to tube pre/power. However, I have to admit that I miss a bit of tube sweetness particularly on mid. What is the best cost no object tube phono stage?

Thanks in advance for any advices

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By the way, unlike Bill, with age I am more and more into the sound quality. I would hunt obscure and unreleased master tape dubs too, though, if I could. Maybe later. There were many concerts, including and beginning with famous musicians, that were never released. But they were recorded. Some of those, or parts of those, you can sometimes find on youtube.
These are all child toys. Cost no object who gives a damn phono stage is custom built for you. Choose any designer. Some won’t do for less than $1 million. Too much ? In any case, any aligned and calibrated Studer with master tape dub will outperform any million dollar phono stage along with that funny 300 pounds rotating platter.
Don’t waste your money, even if it is your money. Get any of those for double the cost of your cartridge and that will do it.
And if you want real high performance - that’s tape, my man.
There is FM Acoustics phono stage for sale on Audiogon. Why don't someone get it and then report back ? It's not expensive. Would be interesting to compare to some tube phono stages.
There is an opinion that whatever else you do, phono stage must always be tube not SS. First step in amplification is most important, that's why.
What about adding subs to the Quad set up ? Would they integrate well ?
I see. They just want to play the way they were designed to play.
Your horns are Lamm tube powered but subs are SS powered, I understand. How would it all sound if subs were driven by tubes as well, I wonder ? And how many tubes would it take?
Have you heard the Everest ? Must be very powerful engaging sound with the right amps. "Stacks of ML-2's"...How would Lamm compare to that ?
But, this thread is mostly about super phono stages. What about this ? Would it make sense to go even higher in Allnic line or perhaps in some other brand ?
Why don't you both stop this infantile nonsense ? Let us continue the discussion.
The OP is nowhere to be found. Maybe he is thinking about getting RTR deck and whatever master tape dubs he can find. Well, at least he should be seeking out direct to disc recorded performances.
With unlimited funds I would do what I previously said - I would ask someone to make me a custom phono stage or at least standard design but absolutely very best parts.