Best connection

I’d like some help on getting the best sound from my Cary dac 100. Looking for opinions on connections to my computer. I have two options, optical & USB.
Thank you
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Pretty simple really,........ try both and let your ears decide which option you like best. Not a mystery.
I enjoyed my Dac100T using the coaxial digital input being fed from my Channel Island Transient SPIDF/DAC. Using a Transparent Audio 75OHM cable.  I've recently upgraded to the Cary Audio DAC200TS and so far still using the same feed. Love the upsampling feature.
Thanks for the responses, looking for help with the connection between the computer & dac, and yes it is quite simple, but at 15' also quite expensive, just looking for some help. Thanks
PC & DAC go with HDMI you will need a converter.  TO my ears better than the USB connection.  For wire try the mad scientist stuff good and not too pricey.

Happy Listening.