Best choice for new Dynaudio Excite X12

Considering base NAD w/ built in DAC or possibly the Music Hall a15.2 with accompanying $300 DAC. Is it 6 of one, 1/2 dozen of the other? Additional considerations in the under $1000 range? Thanks for any ideas...
I heard them sound great with a Wadia 151 PowerDAC at an audio show.
I think the simaudio gear sounds pretty good with Dynaudio. I had the contour T2.5 hooked to a simaudio i5.3 and got great sound. I think the dynaudios will give you everything back you put in I didn't have good luck with cheaper integrated amps with any of the dynaudios I've owned. They like a good quality amp.
Thanks. Amazing the different opinions even from Dynaudio dealerships that also sell NAD: "these speakers need a powerful amp so you really need a step up from the NAD c356 (75 wpc)...And this: " these speakers are quite efficient. And NAD amps have a good amount of power beyond the specs so the c326 (50 wpc) has plenty of power to drive those speakers"! I think I am going with the c356. NAD has a great track record of quality and reliability.....just wish it came preloaded with a phono stage.....thanks all!
I ran Dyn X12s with a Naim Nait 5i and felt that the amp ran out of steam. Have you given any thought to a c375?
I like the sound of NAD but would not buy it for reliability.
OK I was intrigued with the Music Hall a15.2 but a couple of dealers complained of some returns maybe the result of poor parts/supplies they were getting....One dealer told me I need something powerful like the c375, and another dealer said the X12 needs very little amp power. Go figure!

Just found a great deal on the NAD c356 from Spearit Sound in Northampton, MA...refurb with free shipping and under $700! Highly recommended as they have other refurb deals too...don't be shy about asking for additional discount on the listed prices. Thanks everyone.
Hey, Bob, how are you liking the new system? It looks like you put something pretty nice together!
Rega Brio-R is excellent pairing.