best cdp for playing cdr's

wondering what cdp used/new costing $1500 or less plays cdr's without a problem. Thanks
I've used.

NAD 302, Rotel 855 and 955, Meridian 506 and 508, Rega Planet in the under 1500 range. I've owned a lot of other players and not ever had one that wouldn't play a CDR.
Had a Cary 308 and it played everything.
In fact, every player I have ever had except a CEC transport plays CD-R's.
My Jolida JD100 plays everything - even the really scratched ones. My Sony C333ES lags way behind it in CD-R reading capability. Arthur
I've never had one that wouldn't read CD-R...but CD-RW is another matter entirely.
My old Cary 303-200 played every cdr I put in it and usually goes for $1500 and under used.