Best CDP break-in procedure

Aha folks. Bought a "new tube" CDP. Wondering what is important to break it in most efficiently. Should I just plug it in and leave it on for a week or so w/o spinning a disk or feeding speakers? Should I put it the system? Since I'm told it will need about a week for the tubes, etc. to settle in, how can I run it full time w/o making alot of noise? Was thinking if it needs a load of some kind, would plugging in the headphones to that jack suffice? Best trick I know is learning from others' mistakes whenever possible. Thanks in advance for the wisdom. - Tom.
You can run the CD player (with a disc spinning) and the speaker volume off/down (just make certain the the source selection is set to the CD player). On most preamp sections I would guess that they do not even need to be turned on in order to complete the signal circuit (correct me if I am wrong), but again make certain that the CD source is selected. I would not run it 24 hours a day, but would let it cool down every 6-8 hours (for an hour or so). Doing this 3 times a day (on most work schedules) is pretty easy to do/remember (before/after work and before you go to sleep) and one session will be just a bit longer. Guess you could listen to it as well, when your in the mood. There are also special break-in CD's. I only have experience with one (which seems to help) that was produced by Ayre Acoustics (with the help of George Cardas), but have not used it enough to fully endorse it as of yet (it was around $25, I think).
I would suggest listening to music, but hey, that's one Piglet's opinion.

I know some manufacturers (from my readings in AA) uses their favorite CD for burning in.