Best cd player under 1K used

Hey all, looking for a cd and maybe sacd player for under a thousand $ used. Looking for something with full body and weight but can still be sweet in the top. I have zu druids and red wine amp with minimax pre that can be voiced lean to phat, right now its phat. Thanks for any help
Lots of candidates here but one that merits consideration is the Arcam FMJ 23.
Of the units I've heard, I'll say the Rotel 1072. Awesome player for the price. 700 new.

I've heard from others that the Rega Apollo is top notch as well.
A real sleeper is the Consonance CD120 Linear. I just purchased one a few weeks ago for $800 new and love it.
Classe CDP-1, a classic, IMHO.
Cary 303/100
Warm, Audio Research CDT1, or CD1 (has D/as) or Cary,
anali\ylitical Rotel or used Krell 250.
Sony XA7Es
will best the arcam, rotel, and many others.
there is a cool modded uni player under the cd section here that might meet your needs, I've been reearching the Samsungs as they are suppoed to sound amazing once modded and might purchase thi one.
Sonic Frontiers SFCD1. I have had mine for 8 years and even after buying a Bat 5DSE player I have not had the heart to sell. Not as good as the BAT but for the money Darn close.
If you could find a cayin 17 used for 1K, go for it.