Best cartridge for a Thorens TD-160 turntable (must mount from bottom up)

Looking  some recommendations for a MM or high output MC cartridge between  $150 to $250.  This cartridge must be mounted from the bottom up, not the top down because of the design of the headshell.    Thank you! 

You need a high compliance cartridge for that arm. I’m thinking Audio Technica AT440 MLb or if you can use an MC then Denon DL301. You might be able to get away with a Nagaoka MP150, but the compliance is a bit lower.

Thank you for your response. I almost bought AT440, (what does MLb stand for or mean)??). Actually,  I went cheap and bought the AT-120L ( actually not a bad cartridge for $96.00. 

The Denon DL 301 MC would have to at least a 3.5mV  to 4mV output to accommodate tne phono stage of my Rogue Sphinx integrated.   The Nagaoka cartridges I have heard a great deal   Would the lower compliance of the MP150 made that difference in the sound??  

If you bought the AT120E (not L) you have a great cartridge. The ML in MLb stands for Micro Line - the radical cut of the stylus, as opposed to elliptical, as in the 120E, or conical - and the b stands for the third iteriation of the cartridge as in 440ML, 440MLa, 440MLb. Actually there are other forebears of this cartridge, the AT140ML, etc.

Viridian,  Thank again for the information about AT120E,  and the identification letters on  AT440 cartridge

Also, I thought my ears or mind was deceiving me when I first listened to the AT120E; though somewhat limited in its high frequencies, this cartridge was very musical and easy to listen to.   I thought it sounded better than the Ortofon 2m Red which I had previously mounted on the Rega P3-24 TT  and Rega 302(?)  arm.

It doesn't always translate to better sound quality, but the 120 is technically superior to the 2M Red in that it has a nude mounted stylus, whereas the Red had a bonded stylus. The lower moving mass of a nude mounted stylus and the generally better quality stone should be improvements, though the motor is also a major contributor to sound quality.
Ortofon makes a bottom mount version of the 2M series called Verso, might work for you. 
 To gsshepardbuster.  Thank for the heads up about the Verso model. It may prove useful somewhere down the line
No, the Verso will not work. Have a look at photos of it. It has screws built into the top of the cartridge on the assumption that you will put bolts onto them from above. The screwy Thorens actually requires that the bolts screw into the headshell from below. The headshell taking the place of the bolts.

Ortofon is not a bad idea though, the older 500 series will work, as will the older OM series.