Best Cart for Delphi VI with SME V tonearm

My Oracle Delphi VI Turntable will arrive a week from now with SME V tonearm.
I am now hunting for a new cart to replace my 3 years old ortofon a90 which i have used for my Michell Orbe with sme v arm for 3 years also.

My system is Dynaudio Temptation , Pass Labs Xa 100.5 power amp , Modwright 36.5 DM tube preamp and Avid Pulsare phonstage with Transparent Ultra Cables and Voodo Power Chords.

My shortlist are :

Lyra Kleos
Air Tight PC 3
Dynavector XV1s
Ortofon Mc Anna
Air Tight PC 1

Other suggestions and comments are welcome.
The first one listed.
Agreed...Lyra Kleos.
Thanks for your preference for the Kleos. I have not heard any Lyra cart to date.
Can anyone please describe the Kleos sound character ? Is it on the warm side or on the bright side ?

A new contender cart Transfiguration Phoenix is also on my mind.

The review of Delphi VI says its strength is in the midrange up and the upper bass and lower mids are a little lightweight according to JV of Absolute Sound.

Though , the kleos and phoenix is not on the same category of my A90 in terms of price i don't consider it as a downgrade and Im more concerned on the synergy.
Kleos and SME will give you newtral side(or slightly forward presentation) plus excellent tracking abilities.
Thanks Marakenetz. Other suggestions and opinions are welcome and greatly appreciated.
Why would you not try the Ortofon A90 first on the new TT/Arm so that you can assess the difference in your system before making a decision on a new cartridge..
Thanks for ur comment Dover , A90 is a very good cart which i have lived for almost 3 years. I think its about time to try some new cart with different character or a cart with more BODY than the A90 coz A90 is really very neutral.
What I meant was the Oracle/SME is going to sound significantly different to the Orbe/SME, so get a view on that first.
I found the Koetsu Black very complementary to the Oracle in producing a tight punchy full bodied sound without bloat. It was very musical. I have also had success with pairing up SME V's with some of the better van den hul cartridges, eg Frog up.
You have point Dover. I will consider the KOETSU BLACK also as an option for more body sound paired w Delphi VI.
Koetsu Black is classic cartridge higher priced than Kleos but doesn't sound as an improvement over Kleos IMHO.
Marakanetz, it is all about synergy. You may well be right in another system, but I know from experience the Koetsu is a very good match for the Oracle. The cartridges above are all excellent but I wouldn't call any of them full bodied. Of the cartridges mentioned I would rather go for the Air Tight PC1, though it is much more expensive.
The whole Lyra line adores Michell/SME indeed
I used to use an Air Tight PC1 on my SME V. It was well balanced with good body and weight, and plenty of detail. Not as lean and ultra detailed as some and not as warm and forgiving as others. It struck a good balance. I found it to be an excellent match with that arm. I have since upgraded to a Supreme on an SME V-12.

I'm curious, if you have an expensive cartridge on your list like the Ortofon Anna, why not consider the Air Tight Supreme or the Lyra Atlas? Your list has quite a range of prices.
wondering why the Benz LPS is not on your short list...I think it should be...
I am sincerely thankful for all of your comments and experiences with above mentioned cart which gave me more options to look at. From Lyra Kleos to PC 1 is really something to look forward for this cart hunting however my electronics and speaker should also be considered for overall synergy which i mentioned from start of this post.

I am a fan of the PC 1 but i might need to sell some audio gear to afford it but still if i have the cash , Will it really match my entire set up ?
Stringreen , could u tell me more about Benz LPS and its sound character.
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