Best cart for a Michell Gyro SE/Tecnoarm combo?

I am running a Grado 'The Reference' right now and I like it but I keep reading that Grados arent supposed to sound that great with Regas or their offspring.

I do sometimes feel that the music is missing something but I just want to see what other carts people are using successfully with the Gyro SE and Tecnoarm.

I prefer something that doesnt need a step up transformer.

The rest of my system is a MX110z/MC225 combo with KLH 17 speakers (although I might be getting Harbeth C17s soon)
Alot of people are using rega cartridges with rega arms. The Exact II is a great MM cartridge so no step up needed and is what I am using with the same table as you are with a Graham Slee Reflex Era gold phono pre. Really does a nice job on the entire frequency range. I had a grado cartridge on it and properly set up when I first got the table and I did not like it that much. I felt it was missing as well. Can,t remeber the model but it was 800 dollars new. Before the Exact II cartridge I tried the Ortophon 520 mkII I had that was about 140 bucks that sounded better than the Grado did on my table. Clearaudio wood is nice as well. I have heard Grado's on other tables that sounded much better than I had experienced. It really boils down to how much your willing to pay to know all your options and others opinions (MC/MM ?) and hopfully opinions backed with direct experience . But still in the end your sytem and ears will descide. Cheers
I went from a Shelter 501 II to a 901. Both have good synergy. I'm running it through the MM side of a Steelhead with very good result. I have the HR power supply though; and this gets you right straight out of the "somethings missing" feeling, and to a place I feel is the bare minimum starting point. I went to the Orbe platter/clamp next, and now feel I'll have to spend at least $3000.00 (on top of what I think I can get for the current setup) to better it.
I had the table/tonearm at one time and ran a Van Den Hul Frog with stellar results!
thanks for the replies guys....i keep hearing about the sumiko blackbird with the gyro se/tecnoarm hmmm
I am using the Blackbird on an Origin Live table with a modified RB300 at this time and I really like the detail and presentation. I found the Blackbird, even though it is a HOMC, works well at a loading of 22K ohms as apposed to the advertised 47K. The lower impedance smooths the top end just the right amount to present a more open and balanced sound.
i think grado wood bodies and michell are made in heaven.
jaybo - are you referring to the table or the tecnoarm?

i really like what the grados are supposed to be. lush with a nice warm midrange but something is missing from my setup. i still need to get these new harbeth C17 speakers and i still need to upgrade my macs pieces to factory specs which i plan to do in the next month.

maybe i should wait to get these things done before changing carts again.
the combo
I used the michell with a rb300 arm, vdh frog and really enjoyed the combination. I moved later to an zyx airy3s and liked it even better. Both cartridges require proper tweaking of vta/vtf to get the best sound but once optimized, was very happy with the results