Michell Tecnoarm

Has anyone found the michell tecnoarm to be bright/some glare in the upper midrange? Maybee the cable?
I had one of these Arms a couple of years ago . I also thought the Arm to be bright with some glare . I thought that the Silver Wired Tonearm Cable to be the trouble .

I have a Rega 250 that has the Michell aftermarket Counterweight and Arm Stub and Incognito Wiring Harness and it is much smoother SOUNDING with none of the Brightness .
Have you tried lowering the piviot end of the arm?
My TecnoArm is indeed on the bright side when used with a bright cartridge. But it is mellow when used with a warmer cartridge.

I can't comment on the effect of tonearm wiring because I've heard no alternatives for comparison. But the i/c cable between my phonostage and pre-amp has been examined. Silver cable is bright when used with a bright cartridge. It is mellow when used with a warmer cartridge. Copper cable behaves exactly the same.
Thanks for the responses and yes, I have tried more negative VTA.
I have the tecnoarm. I don't find it bright or glaring - but I do have a major problem with the cartridge lead terminations. All 4 of them have started fraying on me - and 2 of them have snapped. I'm going to get it professionally rewired with the Cardas cable.
Who are you sending your arm to for re-wiring?
I just sent an inquiry to Britaudio - We'll see what he comes back with
He got back to me already - $149 for the Cardas internal wire sounds pretty reasonable to me. It's quite a bit more to go to the full Incognito kit.

I wonder if there would be an issue with doing the cardas internal copper wire hooking up to the standard external cable?

I'm not sure if the silver wire extends through the external cabling or not.
Michell advertises the wire as a continuos run from the cartridge clips to the rca terminals so I would assume the silver wire does run through the external cabling.
I have a Michell Tecnoarm tracking a Dynavector 10x5 on a Michell Gyro SE turntable (black)- to me the sound quality is neutral but detailed, but some might call that bright, so I guess it's all a little bit subjective. Perhaps adjust tracking weight and anti skate bias to see if it improves the sound balance.