Cartridge For Audio Note TT1 and Michell Tecnoarm

I'm currently using an Audio Note IQ1 cartridge with my Audio Note TT1 and Michell Tecnoarm turntable, and running it through the built-in phono stage in a Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum. I'm mostly pleased with the set-up but wonder if I could get significant improvement out of replacing the cartridge or stylus.

My budget is ~$500, and I'm leaning towards these options: Dynavector 10x5, (NOS) SAE 1000LT or just replacing the stylus with an Audio Note IQ2. (I'm also open to other suggestions, though if it's to get a new phono pre it's not really what I'm looking to do.) Anyone with some experience with a similar set-up?

I mainly listen to 70-80s rock, current indie and electronic, 60-70s reggae and soul, by the way.
The 10X5 is a really good cartridge, matches the arm quite well, and will kick things up a notch.

That said, I would go a different direction. I find the built in phono stage to be a bit of an underachiever and would go with a Musical Surroundings Phonomena, Bottlehead Seduction or similar phono stage.

I believe that it will make a bigger difference and set you up for buying a better cartridge down the road.
The only thing I'm concerned with about the 10x5 is its tracking on a very sensitive suspension TT, like the AN. Any experience with it on a suspension TT?

Hmm, I was afraid you were going to say to look at a separate phono stage.... I've read great things about the Phonomena but don't know much about the Seduction, and both are around my budget. I'm both intrigued by the look of the Seduction but a bit intimidated by building a kit, since I've never tried it -- any experience with it as well?
I tried the 20XL on both a Logic Tempo E, which is a suspended deck as well as on a Thorens TD150 without issue. Then again, my rack is spiked to a concrete slab below my carpet. It's very hard to predict the interactions between suspended tables, room nodes and support resonances. So I really can't offer any guidance on that one.

I currently own a Seduction, that I have rebuilt and modified, among other phono stages, and just sold my Phonomena this week. So yes, I have owned a ton of moderately priced phono stages and I like both of these very much.

Built Seductions come up on this site from time to time. The crap shoot is that they are only as good as the builder, so perhaps that might be something to avoid.

The Phonomena would be a no brainer for you. Even though the 10X5 is categorized as high output, it's output is on the lowish side for a high output cartridge and with the Phonomena you could increase the gain a bit. And, of course, you could also use it with a low output cartridge in the future. You might also have a look at the excellent PS Audio phono stage, used examples will be close to your price range, and the Musical Fidelity phono preamps are quite good sounding as well. While you are at it, have a look at the Rogue Stealth which is in your price range used.

IMHO the ones to avoid are the Lehmann Black Cube and the Cambridge Audio 640P but YMMV.
Thanks for all the suggestions. Comparing the Phonomena, Stealth and GCHP, which is likely the most tube-like, warm and romantic vs precise and analytical? And is the Stealth such a jump from the phono stage in the Cronus Magnum?

The things that put me off the Cronus Magnum's phono stage is the tiny bit of grain in the upper-mids, slight dryness and it can loose its composure a bit in more complicated passages. What it does well is the precise holographic imaging, soundstage, lows to mids, nice tone and balance. Would any of these three other phono stages improve the imperfections while still letting the Rogue shine in the areas it does well?
You sum up the weaknesses of the Cronus phono stage very well, I would throw in a lack of dynamics and a bit of congestion on highly modulated passages.

I believe that all of the phono stages mentioned will be a big step up. You might also give Rogue a call and get their feelings on moving up to the Stealth.

Happy holidays.
I took the plunge and got an Avid Pellar phono preamp that I found as a demo and got a nice deal. It's still breaking in after about 10 hours and the difference is pretty substantial already. As opposed to the phono stage in the Cronus, the sound is significantly more dynamic, detailed and delicate at the same time. Even the slight harshness in the upper-mid to lower-treble band is mostly dealt with (though some giant windows on the back wall without curtains are the likely culprit). Not to completely diss the Cronus phono stage, it's OK; it's just the Pellar is much better. Thanks for putting me in the new phono pre direction, rather than going straight for a new cartridge. I'm very pleased.
Congrats on your new phono stage. The Avid looks teriffic. Now if, and when, you upgrade your cartridge you can hear it in all its glory.