Best Amp+pre-amp for 16-18K

Hi all,
What are your thoughts about what to buy up to 18K. I am thinikng of Levinson , Krell, Ayre, BAT? AR MKII for a pre amp or BAT I am not interested in a tube AMP but no problem with tube peamp. They will be attache dto Vandersteen 5A. Thanks in advance.
Take a look at I can asure you they sound probably better than Krell!! Check out the tests by Tom Roberts on this site.

What source(s) are you using? That could change the suggestion's some folks would make.
Jeff Rowland Model 9T amp

Jeff Rowland Model 302 amp

Gamut M-250 250w mono blocks

Mccormack DNA-2 Deluxe w/Rev A Amp

Meridian 559 amps bridged


Jeff Rowland Synergy IIi Preamp

Threshold T 2 PRE AMP

Levinson 380S preamp

Klyne 7lx3.5

Z systems digital preamp.
Where is Lamm in that price range? I would get a Lamm if I could.Bahhhhhhhh!
Theta Digital ENTERPRISE MONO block amps and Klyne 7 preamp.
Best combo I ever heard.
The new Krell Mcx 450 mono blocks that I heard are surprisingly very good. A friend of mine has been doing a comparison with some of the top amps and the new Krells have broken away from the Krell house sound. Try them out before you dismiss them. I also agree with Lamm, Rowland 302 and Klyne in the price range.

Happy Listening.