Best amp for Vandersteen 2sig

Hi, I am starting over with my system. I am considering going with Vandersteen 2sig. I have heard these at a dealer was very impressed with their sound and value. The goal is a very enjoyable stereo system without spending as much as new car would cost! I already have a Rega planet 2000, VTL 2.5 pre amp, Transparent interconnects and speaker cables, and Richard Gray 400 power conditioner. I am cosidering a VTL ST85 (about 80w per ch) because this really fits the budget. But is this amp enough tube power to drive these speakers? I like to listen to Jazz and Rock, not A/C D/C at 120db but more like Steely Dan at low to moderate levels.
Thank you for your suggestions.
Quicksilver and McCormack - I read Richard Vandersteen recommend both of those brands of amps. Yeah, 80-100wpc of tube power should be plenty. ARC is also another recommended brand, but it is likely out of your budget.
McCormack .5 or 125
Muse 100 or 150
Belles 150a or 150a Hotrod
OCM 200
AMC 2100

All work very well with the Vandersteen. Avoid cheap tube amps. In my experience, they simply are not a good match.

Good luck.

Not sure about the match but you can't deny the value you have out of the VTL.It laso sets you up if you ever want to trade in your 2.5 for identical line stage in the intergrated so you can bi-amp horizontally which would bring your RMS to a whopping 120 watts.That would probaly run $1750 or a few hundred less if your lucky but from a stock amp prespective you can get better value (though Quicksilver is a alos cheap AND good.Like VTL and Rogue you don't have your intelligence insulted with presumption that more expensive has to be bteer.Andf unlike my EAR 834 finding either the amp for $800$8900 or the Integrated for $1350-$1750 isn't that hard.I wish there were more EAR 50 watt amps availible used so I could readily do the same.Get the VTL.It will also support most any speaker upgrade you want in future even high current demand if you swap the 2.5 for a ITL-85 int.I have even though about swapping my EAR out for the VTL amp/intergated combo.
I also have the Vandy-2sig's and am using a McCormack DNA225, which I find to be a good match. Prior to the McCormack I had a ARC VT-60 (50 tube wpc) which I enjoyed but had limited capability to control the speakers at moderate to high volume levels. At lower levels and with Jazz, female vocals, it was great.

You should consider a Vandy 2WQ Sub, which will improve system performance. I added mine while I had the VT-60 and it was a significant improvement. I lived with that set-up for quite a while and then decided to try the McCormack. I had both amps in my system for about 3 months and ultimately chose the McCormack for it's comparitively effortless control and greater dynamic presentation.
My 2ce Sigs really sing with my ARC VT60 (50wpc). My room is not huge (10 X 25 feet), this amp has plenty of power to play at high volumes.
Avoid any amp that is warm and slow. The already uninvolving Vandersteens will probably lull you to sleep. Look for something with some snap and zip, the McCormack recommendation seems logical.

I have 2cesig and had a adcom 5503 it was ok, I went to quicksilvers v4 wow these are a good match. The speakers handel detal really well so look for a good clean amp and try it I can barly hear the noise floor. Tubes really shine with vandies because they are so transparent. Now I am looking a the 5a so if you are in nj looking for a 6 month old pair of 2 ce sig let me know.
I have buddy the has a pair of the 2ce sigs and drives them with Rouge M150's. It is very nice and will play as loud as you want without losing control.
I think you will find a lot of consistent advice regardign ARC, Quicksilver, and McCormack running with Vandersteen. I storngly secong the 2Wq recommendation, especially with the tubed units.
"The already uninvolving Vandersteens will probably lull you to sleep"

Your joking right? I just added the 3A Sigs to my system, and NEVER have been more "involved" in my listening. You own Vandersteens, correct? If yes, something seems amiss. If not, well the five or so minutes so spent at a dealer being "univolved" was simply not enough. Vandersteens need to be listened to, not dismissed as uninvolved so quickly.

I've really enjoyed the Quicksilver monoblocks on them. People I trust have also liked them with the Audio Research amps. For home theater the Theta Dreadnought is good. Each of these depends mightily on your budget, preferences and if you want home theater though. The best I've heard at any price is the BEL 1001 mk V. No contest. If I had to choose two to make a short list I'd make that list Quicksilver V-4 monoblocks (tube) and the BEL 1001 mk V (SS). They're the same price (around $4k) and are different enough to cover most preferences. I think the BEL will really surprise you though.

As for making the decision...any of these amps will sound great. Go talk to your dealer and see what they recommend. They'll probably be able to demo at least 2 good options.

Good luck!

PS. Don't hesitate to spend on the amp. It's the heart of the system and will make a huge difference through these speakers. They're incredibly revealing when coupled with the right equipment.
Funny I can't think of a speaker that has people more split.You either see there stramngths anf forgive there faults (or limitation).You either love 'em or hate 'em.There are other speakers out there like Maggie 1.6's (more pure bang for the buck than 3.6 IMHO) and used $2K delights like Revel monitor.But as the old adage says "you can't have too much power".My previous post takes into consderation what others have said and since it was all over the place I would also say you need to listen in a show room.Get tubes running them see if warmth works and then switch to solid state that has at least double the power of the tubes.It's all a matter of tatste and you might like a "cool" soounding amp like the Aragons.They certainly would have more bass control but at cost of porevious (mine and others tube reccomendations.BTW both used Rogue 120's and Quicksilver amps are both great values for the dollar.
"You either love 'em or hate 'em"

So true. This seems to be prevelent in my life - I'm a Deadhead and a diehard Raiders fan -- both are either "love'em or hate em" things as well:)
My Vandies 3 signatures sound excellent with a Mcintosh 2102 amp and 2200 preamp. Great speakers.
To my silly solid state but veteran ears, they seem rather uninvolving in my friend's system, with REL Strata III and Jolida 302B sourced by ShengYa CS10 CD/HDCD and Sony SACD changer. Good to excellent IC's, wiring, power and speaker, and tube rolled. But they're better with his Pro-Ject 1.2 Sumiko Oyster.

My uncle's Vandy 1's in his Oahu hideaway also sound like that with a huge Kenwood KR 9600 receiver. I know, old vintage amp. But, there is a kind of house sound.

They seem to need a LOT of power. My 2.5 cents.