Best A/V Receiver Under 700

I have a modest home theater set up in a small extra bedroom, with an NAD 760. I have not been particularly impressed with the NAD 760 for two channel audio. I was thinking of the Outlaw 1050, or perhaps picking up used amp and processor separates (although I would prefer to keep the equipment down to a minimum to save space, even if the cost is comparable). This system will include three Tyler Acoustics Taylo Reference Monitors for the front and center. I will add the rear channels at a later date. Speaker cables are DH Lab Silver Sonic Q10. How about some opinions on the best solution at a modest price. Thank you for your help.
Outlaw is a good alternative. Can't beat the price. Talk to underwoodwally here on Audiogon if you want more info. I personally use a Marantz SR-7000, which you should be able to find for less than $700 new. The Marantz is excellent on HT and does a credible job on 2-channel audio. Good luck in your search.
Also look for a harmon/kardon AVR-510. You should be able to find a new one on sale at or near that price. It sound very very good for 2-channel stereo. And it has good current delivery for using real-world high end speakers. Check out the reviews on the Audioreview web site.
Used Nakamichi AV-10 (if you can live without dts) has best 2-ch quality of those I've heard.
The Outlaw takes my vote, and it has been reduced in price to $499 direct! I suggest ordering one, and trying out for the 30 day trial. I bet you won't return it. I kept mine after I compared it to a $700 Sony, and a $825 Yamaha. It beat them both up pretty bad. Better Bass, Dynamics and much smoother highs.

For a VERY good A/V Receiver that is priced under $700.00, you could try the Outlaw for a list price of $599.00. But from what I have been reading (in my video magazines, here, and elsewhere on the "net") the price of the Outlaw Receiver has been cut to $499.00, and right now, that makes it a great deal. It's worth a shot. Also, you could look at the Harman/Kardon AVR-310 and AVR-510 Receivers at $500.00 and $600.00 (and these are NOT their list prices) respectively and see what you think about those. I have the AVR-210 which lists for about $600.00, but I got mine for about $400.00, and it's not a bad receiver in it's own right. But I would think that for $500.00 and $600.00, the AVR-310 and AVR-510 should be better models still. They're worth a look nonetheless.

Good Luck.

Thanks to everyone for your help. I went with the Outlaw 1050
I have been pleased with Onkyo receivers. The bass response is a little thin but overall I like their sound quality. TXDS696 at $699 was an excellent choice for my modest theater system I know several other owner that have not been displeased either. Another option is the TXDS595 at $499, however the performance is a little bit of a down grade from the TXDS696. I believe the HK prices are $599 for the AVR310 and $799 for the AVR510. Sound quality of the Harman Kardon is a little bit smoother in my opinion.
outlaw's 499 sounds like 1499
or a denon 4802....but wait....not under $700
...OUTLAW's your answer
or just wait
I used to have a Nakamichi AV-8. he 10 is a a model up. No DTS on mine anyway, but I thought it was a great bargain. It replaced Denon and kicked it's butt. see them cheap on AG and at my dealeer at times.
Go to u bid and buy a $1200 plus receiver which will be in your price range it beats paying 700 for a 700 receiver. I doubt if the Outlaw will beat the NAD for sound so you need to step up to something wtih a higher MSRP so buying used or getting a deal on a better unit is the way to go.
I am a traditional 2-channel "it's all about the music" guy with a rediculous investment in separates. However, I am considering a practical budget surround set up. Therefore, I took a peek in this forum...

Looks like "Outlaw" is a popular one. I have never heard of this brand. Does anyone know of a web site for this manufacturer, or for a dealer in the NYS or NE area???

Outlaw is manufactured in NH. Website They seem to make very high value products, and have a loyal following. Check out the 950 prepro (hopefully) coming out by year's end. Good luck.
Outlaw receiver is not manufactured in NH. Their corporate office is there. I think the actual product, 1050, is made in malaysia.
Yes, you are right ... my slip.
You can get a refurb. Nakamichi AV-10 from ubid with DTS for under $700.