Best 20 bucks I've spent yet

While I'm waiting to get two or three deictated lines put in place, I decided to replace a couple of wall outlets.

I got some Arrow Hart 8200 hospital grade outlets, and in about 20 minutes it was done. There are other outlets that will probably work as well or better.

This has been the cheapest upgrade yet, with very nice improvement all around. It really clean up and smoothed the sound quite a bit.

This is one 'tweak' that works, and it's very inexpensive. I think before you spend any money on power cables or line filters, you should try this.
Though I'd share my little experience with you.

I looked in Menards (like a Home Depot) for some outlets, but I had no idea what to look for. I could find standard, heavy duty and premium outlets, but how do I know what "hospital grade" is? Also, what amp?
15 amp, I got these from an electronic spply store on the net (Id have to dig up the receipt, but if you search for them you should find several places selling them).
They will say "Hospital Grade" on the package.

Ha! I looked in my email, here's where I got them:

Guys, guys, guys:
Try the P&S outlets AS MODDED WITH SILVER-PLATED CONTACTS by ACME. $35 each. If you're going to bother going to the trouble, you might as well get the best improvement for your trouble. I decided to make my own dedicated lines at the same time from Belden 83802. A tremendous 12AWG/2 teflon/tinned-copper matrix. $200/100ft. Makes great DIY PCs too. I may get another roll if folks want short lengths of it ($2.50/ft & $5 sh) Lemme know. Ern
Subaruguru, where can said outlets be found?

Can't remember the site. Ask on a new thread and a bunch of people will answer. Ern
Found them at, silver coated ACME outlets $30 a pop.

MY apologies, that shoud have read