Best power conditioning under 400 bucks

I'm looking for surge protection and to clean up the power coming from my wall (currently I'm running directly into the wall with the amp and off a cheapy power strip for everything else). Currently I can't spend much more than $300 so was looking for recommendations new or used, and I'd like to be able to plug my amp into it was well without restricting its performance (McCormack DNA 0.5 Rev. A). I was contemplating the BPT CPC if there are any thoughts on that unit, but I'd welcome all thoughts/ideas.

By the way, I'm not looking to add warmth or anything like that -- just hoping to clear things up a bit and achieve a quieter background along with some surge protection. Thanks for any thoughts.
I've found the Shunyata Hydras to be amazing -- very substantial improvement in sound. Hydra 2 used is $250 but only has two outlets, though you can add a double plug or power strip with great results. Hydra 4 is around $500 used, I believe. Shunyata Guardians are about the same as the Hydras. However, you'll also need a powercord with a 20 amp connector. A fine cable is the Shunyata Diamondback -- used is about $100-125 or so.

I can't recommend the Shunyatas enough,
PS Audio Duet
APC H15 is worth checking out - no bragging rights - it just does what it supposed to do.
The Brick Wall PW8R15AUD 15 pretty much fits your description.
Second the Duet, great bang for the buck in my system. Completely lacks frills, but does not restrict your current and does a very nice job.
PS Audio's Duet for $199 and Quintet for $349. What can you ask for any more. You lucky Americian.

Not sure about cost, but should do what you want without the audiophile mark up.
Audience AR1p used for about $350

I could not believe the improvement in my system
Furman elite pf 15i--should be able to find one used for 400 or less
I will put in a second on the Furman pf 15i...hard to beat for the price. Very cool pull out lights too.
Thanks for all the good suggestions. Looks like I've got a little homework to do here, but fun homework.

I need at least four outlets and don't want to pay for another power strip to expand capacity, which somewhat rules out the Shunyata and Audience options at this point given my budget. The Brickwall unit probably has the best surge protection but has a series filter that I'm concerned may limit the performance of my amp, but I'm not sure about that. Still looking into the others.

Any other thoughts greatly appreciated.
if you want go a step up to the furman ref series --you won't look back
Plug a $50 Wiremold strip into an AR1p and enjoy. Amazingly good. I'm now using an AR6 and, while I haven't compared the two systems head to head, my aural memory tells me the AR1p/wiremold didn't give up much to the AR6.
Wow. After doing a little digging the AR1P seems really interesting. Would the wiremold strip (or any other power strip) offer isolation between outlets to prevent noise being transferred from my digital components to the rest of my system?
No - the wiremold strip does not offer isolation between the outlets, but I wouldn't worry about it. Just worry about the sound. If it sounds great, do you really care? If you love the AR1p and demand the additional isolation, you can sell it for about what you paid (S/H) and get yourself a used AR6 or 12.
Hello I'm using two ar1p with my system along with two eichmann power strips. I CAN tell you for the money they are very good usually you can find them on gon but they go quick Good luck fmer
Check out SurgeX - built like a tank and best of all made in USA!