Best 2 channel CD/SACD player $2000 used?

I have seen a lot of Esoteric, Sony, Marantz CD/SACD players in the $2500-$5000 new advertised. Any thoughts on the best available for $2,000 used? Some of the Marantz models come to mind. Tube or ss.
How much is a Cary 306 going for these days? I think I saw one for $2500, I think that would be an excellent choice.

Lexicon rt-20. 5000 dollar player, About 900 used
Modwright Sony 999ES Platinum Signature edition with tubed power supply.
The new Sony SACD XA-5400ES is $1499 new. Kal Rubinson from Sterophile gave it a sneal preview in the May issue. Apparently takes redbook data and uses the SACD noise shaper to sample at 2.8 Ghz. Redbook performance is said to be stellar. Too bad it doesn't have a digital input, I would buy one one the spot.
You can get a used Esoteric DV-50s for -2000. That would be a big bang for the buck. I had that UDP for over a year and just loved it! Now I moved up the ladder to the Esoteric X-03SE.
you may also try Yamaha CD-S2000..
The Exemplar 2900 is very nice.
According to limited number of reviews, it does look like Sony XA-5400ES may be the holy grail of moderately priced SACD player. They are sold out in many online retailers. I have one on order, and probably receive it in a week or so. I'll find out how it fares against my Unidisk.
I 2nd the Lexicon RT 20
Psacanli, i am still loving my rt-20, but just wondering if you have ever got to compare it to a bel canto dac3 ? Just wonder how it compares.
Easy............Yamaha CD-S2000
Timtim. Are you using any ac isolation and conditioning with your RT 20. I am.
I dont know if you guys realize that this is an old thread :D