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High Fidelity Cables MC 1-PRO
I was curious if anyone compared a Pro to a Helix. Does the helix sound better than 2 Pro’s?  It’s around twice as much in price.  
NuForce DAC-9
i would to hear a comparison between this and a W4S DAC2. Similar price range and chips. 
questions for TW Acustic Raven One owner
you can add some sparkle with an aftermaket copper mat, changing the feet to cones, using a bronze armboard. but the sound is as others describe. muscular, can be a bit thick, full but also very dynamic and somewhat forgiving. bass is deep and ric... 
Wish List For Vinyl Pressings
how about quality control,...clean, flat pressings 
Phono preamp for Dynavector XX2mkII
I'm using an Aqvox 2Ci MkII. I wanted all XLR as well. Changing the power cord, adding a HiFi Tuning fuse and turning off (make sure you have input caps downstream) the coupling caps made a big improvement to the sound. 
Placette passive and phono stage
What amp and speaker do you have? Would you know the input sensitivity of the amp? I'm guessing you will need at least 72 dB gain before the amp. 
Best Recorded Vinyl Albums
Dead Can Dance - Into the LabyrinthRadiohead - most all of emDave Brubeck - Take FiveRoy Orbison - Greatest Hits Mary Black - No FrontiersI love Tears for Fears - Seeds of Love but I think Songs From the Big Chair sounds ALOT better. 
Tone arm slow on the drop
heat up the arm lift assembly with a hairdryer a bit to loosen some of the silicon fluid. maybe shine a lamp on it while you play. nothing too excessive though. 
Da Vinci AAS Gabriel
That's an interesting thought Dgad. I wonder if Thomas thought of using one motor and 2 passive pulleys. Arthur K from Funk Firm uses such a scheme and calls it Vector Drive. 
Spacer between cartridge and headshell on Breuer
You could also try a copper mat effectively raising the height of the LP same as lowering the height of the cartridge with spacer. The Raven One spindle isn't very long though so you might run out of room with mat + LP + clamp. 
New vinyl's noisy little secret
There are many new recording with bad quality as well. How many of you have a clean copy of Pop Pop or Just a Little Lovin? 
New vinyl's noisy little secret
Nothing to do with master tapes. They are just downright poor quality control. Noisy surfaces, warps, defects. Plus some of the manufacturers have a no return policy even if they are defects so either the retailer or consumer gets shafted. 
Phono PreAmp with less than a 12" x 15" footprint
I had a Lukaschek PP-1. It was an earlier version. It was really smoooth. That thing was smaller than a pack of cigarettes. One of the design goals was to make the signal path as short as possible. The newer version is probably better than the ori... 
Magnetic repulsion?
also since the magnetic field is slightly changing a voltage source is created by Faraday's Law. not certain of the magnitude but it could interfere with the cartridge voltage, remember that a MC has tiny fragile voltages. i would think that the m... 
Medical Isolation Platforms
Is resonant frequency an indicator of superior sound quality and why? If the table has a natural resonance (a rarely published spec) and the platform has a resonace that was a fundamental then I can see all modal hell breaking loose. Do these plat...