Belles 150A or keep current amp

I use Vandersteen 2ce speakers with an old Krell KST 100 amp, YBA 2 preamp in a 10 x 12 room, modest volumes (85db nominal, 95 db peaks) playing mostly jazz. I received the amp with all cap replacements for free from a cousin. I've heard better but is it worth it to drop $1K - 1.5K on an amp,say a Belles?
It's a co-op in Manhattan, you have to pay for a large room and if you did you wouldn't be able to afford any stereo equipment.

The 2ce are from owning a house and being disabled puts equipment purchases low on the priority list. This is the first piece of equipment I've considered since the early 90's.
Belles is a good amp but wouldn't be my first choice since it's warm sounding, similiar to the sound of the 2Ce's. I've read McCormack is an excellent match...
No, not unless you think you would get 1.5 k worth of fun just listening to a slightly different sound. If it sounds good now, it is good.

The Belles 150 works just fine with Vandies try it.

Timrhu get past it....
Would you be surprised to know your 6 k speakers have been traded in here many times toward Vandersteens
by music lovers.
Vandersteen dealer
Schipo, the KST 100 is a class A/B amp not like the early KSA class A amps Krell sold. Krell claim my amp runs class A to half power then slides into class B for the higher watts. Even when it's warm outside you can always keep your hand on the top of the amp without getting burned. I'm outside enjoying the summer when it's warm outside and during the winter any heat produced by the Krell is welcomed.
Audioconnection, I owned Vandersteen 2CE sigs and tried them in a similar sized room. Very difficult to get the most out of them in that room. My problem was as much the visual aspect of those large monoliths dominating a room as it was getting them to sound good. If you looked through my posts, you would find me recommending the Vandy 1C as one of the lowest cost ways to get into hifi sound.
Now, $6K speakers? I paid $1,200 for mine and I would definitely chose them over the 2CE sigs.
Thanks for reply
Perhaps set up, non equal tilt back, no real guidance, bad interface was suspect.
Band aid wires are popular with many folks who use
them to tame bright box speakers.
Try em on a Vandy and mostly dont do well.,

Overly muted, powerless, warm gear also sucks the life or magic out of them.
Its easy to get Okay sound or make em sound average
You should experience where thy can go with bi wired AQ Gibraltar or Anti cables and gear like Music Reference, Ayre,or ARC etc As for the visual aspect Turn up the music and down the lights relax and enjoy true edge of the art I promise U....
I second the Belles 150A. I own the 150 Hot Rod which mates very well with Vandersteens. The older 150A Hot Rod
can be found used from $600-700. I have not heard the 150A Reference. Granted the room is small and even a used pair of Quicksilver amps would be interesting if you have the room.