Bel Canto vs. Bryston

Hi, Would Bel Canto Pre6 be an improvement over Bryston SP-1.7 for 2-ch Redbook/ Multichannel SACD playback. I'm not interested in HT part of the performance. My current speakers are Von Schweikert VR4 JR. Appreciate your help. Regards.
I found your note searching for Bel Canto products.

My question--if you're not interested in the BC's HT features, why are you considering a preamp that can be configured with 6- and 8-channel inputs and outputs?

BTW, did you buy or audition one?
The Pre6 has no special HT features. It is a purely analog multichannel/stereo preamp with lots of inputs/outputs and great configurability. The Bryston does have HT features (such as decoders for DD/DTS/etc.).