XLR or Rca's for Bryston 4B ST/BP 25 Pre

Hi everyone. I just bought a Bryston 4B ST amp to replace my 3B. I'm using the Bryston BP-25 pre-amp. These two components can be hooked up either "Balanced" or unbalanced RCA's. Question, which way yield the finest sound quality? I only need a 1m cable. If there isn't that much of a difference, I was thinking of getting the 1m VH Audio "Pulsars" w/the stock RCA connectors. Possibly the upgraded version w/ the Nexgen gold @ an additional $99 if there is that much of an improvement. Presently using older AQ "Quartz" IC's which I've owned for quite awhile. 10+yrs. Nice cables, but I feel there's room for possible improvement? Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Happy Holidays. Thanks, Bill
Balanaced connections are preferable for long runs. At one meter save some money and go with RCA.
If you decide to go with balanced cables, and want to do it for a moderate price, then try Bryston's own XLR cables. They are very good, and at $125 for a pair, they are also a good value. It's unlikely that you will be able to tell the difference, however, between RCA's and XLR's with such a short length of cable.
I was also using AQ Quartz RCA interconnects between my Threshold amp and preamp for many years. Last year I decided to try balanced XLR cables and ordered the Signal Cable Silver Resolution cables. What a difference from the RCA AQ Quartz. The sound was much smoother with less grain and had more trransparency with better detail. After doing comparisons I found the AQ Quartz to sound grainy and gritty compared to the balanced Silver Resolution interconnect. The Signal Cable products are a real bargain and can hold their own with many cables costing much, much more. Hope this helps.
Just a follow-up. Bought two pairs of VH Audio "Pulsars" w/ the stock connectors and I am extremely pleased w/these IC's. (One set from pre/power and the other from CDP to pre.) After much thought, I decided that silver or silver-coated wire was not right for my tastes and system. I decided a copper IC was the way to go for me. These IC's are just superb. Balanced from top to bottom. Musical. An all-around great IC. Money extremely well spent. Chris was a pleasure to do business with and the service provided was first-rate. The cables were promptly shipped and well-packed. 30-day money-back guaranty. I can't image anyone returning these cables! But just in case...there's the trial period. I highly recommend these cables. (Before buying these I was able to audition a set of silver IC's which were 3X the cost. I decided to give the "Pulsars" a try and these were the ones I kept!) Give these affordable IC's a listen. Bill