bare wire vs. spade lugs vs. banana plugs

sound quality vs ease of use?
I'm no expert, but it seems to me bare wire is the first choice where it's feasible to use in one's system. Any added connector provides the opportunity to degrade signal quality. I use bare wire at the amp and a combination of bare wire and Eichmann Banana Plugs at the speaker (banana plugs are used on the jumpers).
I use bare wire also but then again I don't use binding post either.Well not at the speaker end any way.
Connecters do make a big difference. When I first discovered this I was using banana's on the end of spades, I was comparing amps and speaker cables and I wanted to switch easily, and once I got rid of the banana's, I realized I had really wasted my time, I did not realize just how much I was losing.
Sometimes, hooking up bare wire is a major pain, especially fat stranded wire into fat binding post where the wire is too fat to go into the hole. It is really a pain because the connection is important and sometimes you just can't get a good one that stays good. This is where spades come in. A spade really is a good connecter, especially high grade ones. You can really lock down onto a spade. A lot of good speaker cables are too fat to go onto binding post, and you have to get something to terminate the wire to so you can get a good connection.
Every time I have been able to get rid of a spade, I have noticed an improvement. Can't do that with all cables, but if you pay attention to the quality of the connection, It can really make a difference in very practical use. Often times, one more expensive speaker cable will sound a lot better mostly because it is made with a better connecter. Banana's really are , in my humble, and cheap, experience, "that bad". How easy is it to get good sound?