Balanced XLR Mogami Gold vs Canare Star quad cable sound differences?

I'll be switching over to balanced cables in the next month or so from my pre amp to a newly purchased power amp. I've heard great things about both. Does one have an advantage over the other? Sound signature of each cable? I'm talking 6ft length at most.

These both represent low price, budget, entry level cables for a Music Reproduction System however because you will be using them in a balanced configuration it is not likely that they will make a significant, substantial, audible difference provided that your components used in connecting these cables are truly "balanced" themselves and not a pseudo balanced configuration in which event and circumstance would yield that you may be best adviced to use a single ended RCA connection if that is an option with these specific components which you have not specifically identified..
I too suspect that there won't be much if any difference. However the various versions of the Canare star quad cables have significantly higher capacitance than Mogami 2534 wire which is used in Mogami Gold Studio cables. If you will be using a preamp having particularly high output impedance at high frequencies, now or in the future, it is possible that the higher capacitance of Canare could result in a very slight rolloff and/or undesirable phase shifts in the uppermost treble. Given the 6 foot length I doubt that these effects would be noticeable unless the output impedance of the component providing the signal is extremely high (e.g., considerably higher than 1K), but perhaps these possibilities can serve as tie-breakers :-)

The lowest capacitance Canare star quad model appears to be the L-4E6S (150 pf/meter conductor-to-conductor and 185 pf/meter conductors-to-shield). Other models are somewhat higher than that. The corresponding figures for Mogami 2534 in balanced quad configuration are 97 pf/meter and 110 pf/meter.

FWIW I have used Mogami Gold Studio with fine results (driving it via low output impedances), but I have no experience with Canare.


-- Al
Thanks for feedback. Both amp and preamp will be truly balanced. I may just try Mogami Gold first. They are easy to find locally
Like Almarg8 I have all  Mogami 2534 balanced and I'm satisfied