B&W Nautilus 802 woofer cuts out

After playing the speakers at a mid to loud volume for about an hour, the woofers shuts off. Then after about 10 minutes you can hear a pop like it resets and the woofers operate again. The speakers are bi-amped.  The channels of the amp its connected to has been switched multiple times and still the same thing happens.To me it sounds like when the woofers get too hot, they power down to cool off. Then after about 10 minutes of cooling off they come back online.
On older B&W matrix speakers there is an APOC (Audio Powered Overload Circuit).
Has anyone else had this problem?
Or I am looking for solutions.

or is the amps getting to hot and shutting down to protect itself ……as you did say mid to high volume ?

what amps are you using?
I"m not sure what you are saying. This only happens on 1 speaker, regardless of switching amp sides?
B&W keeps their service manuals and schematics online.

While I am not sure I got exactly your model, but I could not find any protection circuit in this specific model.

We need more info about your system. Not familiar with your speakers, but doesn't look like protection within the speakers.
thank you gentlemen, I discovered that the problem was with amp. the gain was set to high.