For $2000 per pair price range, what pair is the best?
I am leaning toward the new B&W's

B&W CDM 9NT, JM LAB Cobalt 820, RBH 1266-SE
Have you listened to all of them yet?

I would go for JMLab since I am a JMLab fan!

IMO, if you have the opportunity to audition all of them... your own ears will tell you which one is best. All of those speakers are good!

I have heard both the JM LAB Cobalt and the B&W NT series. I like the B&W's they have a better bottem end, the JM LAB has better mids. I will be using Sonic Frontiers Anthem amps in dual 1/2 stereo and MIT bi-wires I have all SONY ES source equip.
i have listened to the b&w and jmlabs extensively. jmlabs far exceeds the b&w. the b&w have their signature "wash tubby" bass. jmlabs has excellent mid. best of the bunch is the Biro L/1. biro beats all commers hands down under $5000. would stand them up against anything, and i maen anything. has huge soundstage and imaging far exceeding its $1500 price. we are not a dealer of biro. contact vanalstine audio in burnsville, minnesota.
I have heard the Cobalts side by side with the Electra 905's. I much prefer the Electras. Although you give some of the bottom end, the electras do suprisingly well at bass. I thought the Elecras ruled over Cobalts in mids and overall clarity. I am a full-range kinda guy but between those two, i would definitly pick the electras. Also, I know you didn't inlcude them in your list, but the NHT 2.9s are close to that price range and well worth a listen. Very nice bottom end.
Let me tell you, Please, Please listen to the RBH'S.I have not seen a better speaker built anywhere! I am not employed with them what so ever. These are just some of the finest speakers built for the $$$. Thanks, Richard
Thanks for the input so far, I will go listen to the RBH's
if I can find them.