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Responses from sdrconsultant

Integrated recommendation help
A very good fit budget wise and system wise would be the Job integrated amp.  Please consider as this is the "everyman's" version of Goldmund products.  See jobsys.com.  Best wishes and happy listening! 
Loud popping sound from speakers
Probably not a blown fuse. Blown fuses generally stop one or both channels from working at all. 
Any suggestions where to find used pair B&W 801D?
Ralph,Urge you not to do it. After reviewing these speakers using a pair of Plinius SA-102 Monoblocks; equivalent sound could be achieved by going to home depot purchasing a couple of plastic laundry tubs and two wooden spoons to beat on them. Rar... 
speakers with subwoofer-style base drivers
Consider solutions like Genesis Technologies G5.2. Waist high floor standing cabinet, and quite narrow. All down firing subwoofer assemblies will eventually sag. Each G5.2 has its own built-in subwoofer with its own amp all built into the one cabi... 
ML 432 not enough?
Problem solved - Plinius SA-102 is superior to entire line of ML. As monoblocks performance exceeds the conservative rating of 400 wpc into 8 ohms. Used pair would be about $6000. The maggies really like the smooth power of Plinius too. Best wishe... 
Ultimate Amplifier for the next 20 Years
My two cents = The last amp, is the Goldmund, try the Mimesis 18 monoblocks. If the Goldmunds float your boat except for the price, try the plain vanilla version of the Goldmund line = Job or aka stellavox lines. Pair of 200 wpc into 8 ohms with a... 
I strangled my pipe
Greetings,Brilliant solution and congratulations.Thanks for sharing, Paul 
Edge M6 with Aerial 7B ?
Greetings Samski,None of the above. Plinius SA-102 betters all of the above and is a great match for the Aerials.Best wishes in your quest, Paul 
Krell Master Reference Amplifier
I'd bet the house the blowouts are that oscillation issue with the Krells.Have not spent really any extended time with the newest Krell version, so I could not give any feedback at all.Regarding the levinson 32 - Preamps have my nemesis for a long... 
Krell Master Reference Amplifier
Hifimaniac, I withdraw, without equivacation, the "harsh" characterization.We started with Krell back in the mid-eighties with the KMA series products. Krell has ALWAYS been of the highest build quality, no question. Their signature sound is by no... 
Krell Master Reference Amplifier
Greetings Folks,Throwing too much credit my way loads too big a burden on just one person's opinion. A number of you already know but fair disclosure = we are a high end system designer/installer, but not a retail seller. That's why we have broad ... 
Krell Master Reference Amplifier
Greetings,Way, way, way, way, overrated and even further overpriced. The current "best" solid state amp for complete value and overall universal fit into any system, and best performance is the Plinius SA-250.The only solid state that "betters" th... 
need a $200-$300 interim amp
Greetings,Suggest you consider Van Alstine, most likely a used one to achieve your 200-300 objective. One of the company's origins was modding the Hafler amps 25 years ago. Their newer models will convince you to save the money, not waste it on th... 
Merlin VSM-M or JM Lab Mini Utopia
Merlin's hands down. Besides, who really wants to buy french now anyway. 
Need pre & power amp to drive Dynaudio
Greetings,I second the above from Jrwr7! The Plinius SA-250 or a pair of SA-102s, even better.Fair disclosure = we are a Plinius dealer.But truth is still truth.Best Wishes, Paul