B & W 805 nautilus broken tweeters ?

Does it happend to any of you guys ? I have a pairs of b & w 805 nautilus recently purchased from a local guy but after a month of listening to it I just realized that no sound coming out of the tweeters that all , sound like both broken tweeters or something wrong with the crossover , I have no idea ! Please someone with experience with diy can give me some idea or input about this , does it easy to burn the tweeters or crossover ?
You need to measure the resistance of the tweeter, it should test between 4 and 5 Ohms, if higher, probably a blown tweeter. It is not difficult to fix. Contact B&W support (https://www.bowerswilkins.com/support), they will send you instructions on how to do the repair. Instructions often include a video showing clearly how to do the work. Just had very good experience with B&W support to replace a tweeter on N801 speakers. As an alternative, B&W support can also give you the name of a local repair shop/dealer who can do the work for you.
Just a warning, if it is the tweeters, they aren't cheap.

This B&W site includes all the service manuals:


This site shows a parts list for all B&W speakers:


Scrolling down to the N805 speaker, the tweeter is $144 (p/n ZZ11266).


@mgattmch  thank for the info !
It's an easy fix to replace the tweeters.
@rlb61 yes it is ! 2 minutes job 
Is it possible that you may have damaged something in the crossover?  I ask because I had a pair of Vandersteen 2ce speakers in which both tweeters weren't working.  I ordered a new set from Vandersteen after giving them the serial #and put them in 6 days later when they came in.  There was no sound out of them either.  Turns out the crossovers had blown parts and needed rebuilding.  In my case it turned out a Yaquin cheap piece of junk Integrated blew my crossovers out and 2 days later, caught on fire.
@stereo5 It is possible that parts of crossover may have damaged, I have to check them out also ! Thank for your suggestion !