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MHDT Labs Orchid DAC review
There a guy in Tennessee can twist your orchid up to a few notches! I asked him improve my pagoda but he never work on pagoda before so I have to wait for another time ! 
Best integrated for my purposes - help me choose 1 of 3!
I have own both parasound halo and yahama as2100 .. I will take Yamaha over parasound halo any day ! Yamaha sound was more defined and detail sounding more than parasound plus Yamaha tent to toward tube sound while parasound tent to ss sounding ! 
Are there any bookshelf speakers that sound good on a bookshelf?
Fritz carrera be worth a try ! 
In praise of the ESL-57
You need bedini 25/25 to make your quad esl sing lol  
Poor Fritz
Fritz speakers was great ! I have a pair of focal 1008 be and I prefer fritz carrera over focal 1008 be ! I talked to him a couple of times and I know him was very aged but his passion for speakers still with him by the ways he asked for some othe... 
Which integrated amplifier .
To this day there a cured for cancer but I seem most of doctor and pharmacist ignored the method because of all the profit of chemotherapy treatment that made them business rich but at the end that method ain’t safe and the change of survival is r... 
Bedini 25/25 1 meg
You better get yourself a bedini 100/100 for 1/3 prices of that 25/25 just making sure they are dual transformers like 25/25 then I bet you are not far behind the 25/25 plus you get more head room and that amp can drives any speakers better than 2... 
Preamp suggestions, yes again
Don sachs for sale right now great one 
Most organic / real / analogue sounding DAC (ideally with Volume Control) for $1500??????
Mhdt balance pagoda ! Pure analog without breaking your bank for 2k new great speakers increase in value over time in the vintage market?
My fellow Asian folk will always more for well respected Jbl or Tannoy , altec Lansing driver , for that kind of moneys they spend I rather pay for recently made and still have moneys left for more records  
to my ears digital audio does not sound natural? something is wrong!
In order for digital music sound more natural you will need invest in good dac like nos tube dac ! Around 2k and you will be satisfied! 
Speakers that are a great value!
@ lubachl yep ! I have the same thought !  
Integrated Amp $1200 or less
Get a good dac first like nos dac then start from there if you want a life time enjoyment and can listen all days without fatigue! 
Speakers that are a great value!
Add Nola boxer to the listed ! I have compared to focal , fritz and the Nola not far behind excepted for it not handle too much power like Fitz or focal 1008  
Fitz Carrera BE
@b_limo sorry buddy ! The Carrera is stay with me after all the trouble of fedex back and forth from Colorado back to fritz in Cali and to me in Georgia , Took 2 weeks to get to me while I was waiting for the Carrera arrive I was jump on a deal on...