B&W 802d Misleading Information and Scammers

I am relatively new to this forum. About two months ago I decided after hearing some 802d speakers that I would invest in a pair. I read up everyday on different forums on this site and others about peoples opinions on these speakers but mainly about how to run them. I was convinced after so much talk that my 802d would not run on my Marantz sl7300 (100wpc) receiver. Anyways after setting them up just to test I was surprised that they still sounded very good, granted that I do have to turn it right up to get some substance out of it.
I am going to upgrade the cable and put a power amplifier in but I thought if there was anyone else out there in a similar situation to me that this information would be some peace of mind.
The other thing that I found was that when trying to purchase these speakers that almost everybody on ebay selling them was a scammer and for some reason unknown to me paypal is not a preferred method to be paid, where is the guarantee that you will get your goods?? Has anybody else had run ins with who they think were scammers?
all over the web ther are scamms and scammers so what?
it's all much simplier than you think:

1. you've sold the item when you have cash in your hands
2. and you've boght the item when you have it in your hands

if above statements aren't true, you've been scammed.

can't use paypal or credit card? welcome for a local pickup for cash.
can't do even that or send personal check?
guess what? i can't sell my speakers.

can't accept check/paypal/credit card? no possibility for local pickup for cash?
guess what? i can't buy these speakers and don't realy care if it's scamm or not.

considering your personal taste to your existing combo which is i guess irrelevant to scamms of any kind i hope, you should be cautious not to damage your speakers with underpowered amplifier. you have an option to merry channels of your receiver to biamp your 802d's.
Why in the world would you try to power a $12k pair of speakers that are known to be power amp sensitive (read hungry) with a 10 year old, $475- transister radio? You might think it sounds great but there is so much more you could get from those speakers. You have to think about the system and synergy. At the very least you should try and get hold of a pair of Emotiva monos and some Signal Silver or Mogami cables.
agreed...don't make the mistake i did...i have a pair of 800D, power hungry like the 802d. at first i used them with a 200w Rotel...a fine amp and it sounded OK. But over time i ended up turning the volume up louder and louder..gradually bit by bit over several weeks. next thing you know, i blew a tweeter from clipping. Thats a 1000$ mistake. if you have perfect discipline and never ever turn it up...i guess you can use a low powered amp but not worth it in my opinion,
First you have to understand that every speaker can give a level in sound. I always you use % to make it more understandable. A speakers has his own properties/talents. Wenn you want to use them all you need an amp who can give this. Wenn you would use the Marantz you would be able to get about 30% out of the speaker in quality. We always use a rule how much you need to spent to an amp for the speakers you own. Integrated amp/ power pre has to be at least half of the price of the front speakers. Wenn you have a surround amp you need to:3 to get the level of your surr amp can give as a integrated amp. I played for over 8 years with the 802N and 800S. I would not want B&W anymore. because wenn you want to get higher in sound. Depth is a very important part what should be there in highend sound. Depth is the weakest point of B&W. Because the filter they make are not good enough to give a wide and deep stage.
like the other guys have said. be very careful not to damage your speakers with underpowered gear. with such high end speakers, i dont know why one would even consider powering them the way you are. its a serious mismatch and if you were to ever crank up the volume it could be very dangerous for your speakers.
Are they the 1st or 2nd generations D?

They 2nd has much better internal parts. Caps, filters, wiring etc. Not that the 1st gen is any slouch.

If money is a factor then I would suggest a used Pass Labs class A amp with as much watts as your budget permits.
Or check out the DIY Hypex Ncore NC400 amps.Very easy to assemble. For info Audio Circle and DIYAudio sites. You will not be sorry. If money permits get two pairs and bi-amp. WOW!

I owned the Pass Labs, XA100.5, 60.5 and 30.5. Now I own the X250.5. For 802D I would go for this one wenn you want to spend about 4000 dollar. Controle and drive is better compared to the 60.5.for 802D. XA.05 is more musical, less push in the low freq. compared to an amp for the same money you would spend on a XA amp.
A lot of scammers out there, just look at their inforamtion or what and how they want payment.... better yet buy local and go and listen to them, even if it is a day drive, it is worth it.

I currently have the 802N.... I run them for mostly home theater as my fronts, so if you are speaking two channel listening opinion will vary... GREATLY...

For home theater I just an anthem statment amp, it works great. Am I missing something in the sound???? I could not tell you as I have never A/B it against a "better" amp in my room.

I too would get away from the "receiver" type of amplification and go with a good seprate amp... look for something that comes close to doubling its watts for 8 to 4 ohms.. and again to 2 ohms if that amp goes down that far.
Madness...Diamonds with a friggin old marantz. Are you mad? Do those speakers a favor, at the very least get yourself Krell i300.
lol...read that wrong, was thinkin he said 802. What I would do with a set of 804's...wouldnt be a old marantz. At least 75 % output of the amp's ability. Dayum, an old marantz > madness no doubt
I once had Aerial 10Ts driven by an Aragon 8008B (about a $2500 amp). I switched to a Pass X350 and they sounded like a new speaker, with a totally different midrange driver and tweeter, with ethereal and liquid vocals. I then became a 100% believer in the importance of an amp (as the saying goes, that first watt makes all the difference).
Check out Legacy Audio against the B&W 802Ds and all might see them listed here soon. lol