Is there a way to report scammers on Agon?

Is there an infrastructure to report scam attempts on Agon? Usual case of somebody else's pics from a forum and bank transfer request in response to a wanted ad.

Presumably, the initiator is a registered member.
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Yeah, no kidding but who would?

Does anybody at the office care if registered members are scamming or it is a pure dog-eat-dog  world out there?

Yeah, for starters you should have posted a link to the ad here on your thread. That would be a good start.

To report an ad, you think might be a scam, scroll down the ad to the bottom on the left hand side just below the ask a question block where you will see,

"Report this listing".


It was a reply to my Wanted ad.

My ad is 100% on the up and up, it is the respondent who is sketchy!
Here’s the text of the scam attempt:

jsuth sent you the following message:

Hi, Email Bob on regarding your request . He gave me a great deal when i purchased from him. He is located in Cambridge Ohio 43725,USA fast shipping.You can also text him or call on 740-238-5366 Thanks

I have to say that doesn't look like a scam at all you have the guys email address and phone number and he's in the US presumably a dealer for whatever you're looking to buy. I don't see any request for a bank transfer, and what did you mean by someone else's pics? Is there more that we are not seeing there?
Well I wrote "Bob" a cryptic note and in one minute I got this back with two pics I recognized from Lenco Heaven of a TT owned by a guy in Europe named Marc.

---------------------------- Original Message ----------------------------
Subject: Re: Turntable
From:   "Bob Anker" <>
Date:   Fri, September 9, 2016 17:20
To:     "Joe Roberts" <j>


  Yes i have a Perpetuum Ebner PE-33 for sale. Find attached files. I
am looking to get $700 shipped. I will be shipping via USPS priority
mail insured and will take payment via Bank wire transfer. Whats your
shipping address?


In other words, Member jsuth (or someone signing in as him) is acting as an agent or front for Bob Asker, who has stolen pics of rare stuff at high prices ready to ship.

I was hoping to report jsuth.

That sheds a much different light on things, you should contact Audiogon directly and give them all the details.
That is my question: How?

That is my question: How?

At the bottom of this page.

Contact us


Many thanks! 

Actually  that link was on the page I'm now writing on...but I had to scroll down further than expected...duh!
I have contacted the mods before its usually a women and she will return your text in a day im sure good luck
I have reported many ads in the past to AgoN stuff ... they do act quickly.

I'll chime in here. I personally have posted adds on Canuk Audio Mart(Canadian Site) with generic photos that I have just grabbed off the internet, in fact I have a couple of cartridges listed right now that I have done this way. Sometimes I find it a little easier this way, as I tend to take poor pictures, but I will provide actual photos if requested by the potential buyer. I did not think that this would be a big deal to the interested parties. I actually sold an Oracle Delphi turntable a year or two ago with a pic that I just found on Google images, and got a response a few days latter from the actual owner that the picture was from. He was not upset, in fact he found it quite amusing. We spoke and I explained to him my practice of doing this, and he was fine with it.

After seeing this post,perhaps I should reconsider this practice.

In the case in question, the TT pictured was on a custom stone base. Very distinctive.

And the unit in the pic was not really distributed in the US or very very lightly, at best. I never saw one in my 40 years in audio in the US.
I know then from Europe.

In general, I expect that pics are of the item for sale unless noted otherwise.

I heard back from Agon support already and they are acting quickly. Good to know!