B&W 802 Nautilius really the best?

are these speakers really soooo good? better than Thiel CS 6 and say Avalon Eclipse Classic and any other in a price of $ 8000? Anyone heard them,please respond?
I have listen to the B&W heavlly and the Thiels. B&W hands down.
I just heard BW Nautilus 802 speakers. All i can tell you is, they are Sweeeeeeeeeet sounding. Thanks get back
Recently listened to 801's, 802's and Thiels (6 and others) when I accompanied my sister for her purhcase of a new system. The B&W's are without a doubt my favorite. She thought so too and bought the 802's.
The N802's are certainly a fine speaker. But also in this price range and besides the Thiels are: Waveform Mach 17, Dunlavy SC-IV/A, Snell Type A, API Energy Veritas 2.8, Magneplanar MG20, Martin Logan MIII, KEF R4, and others.After listening to all of them, I purchased one of these speakers, but it was NOT the B&W.
Just purchased 802's and love them, however, my wife and I preferred the brightness of the Thiel...however, they are prone to blow (tweeter, midrange, crossover) when played at loud volume. We really wanted the Thiel but determined that the hassel of having to hav them serviced and then the manufacturer lecturing about loud volume was not worth the hassel. We are pleased with the 802's but still want a pair of Thiel (maybe when they are more robust).
listen to a set of magneplaner mg-20 bi-amped.
I bought N802s and I'm very happy with the sound. I have not compared the Theils but the closest speaker I've heard in that price range would be the Hales transcendence 5 and 8. Have a listen and compare.
I have owned B&W's for 20 years, & thought I wanted the 802's. To be sure, I spent months listening & comparing. I selected Martin Logan SL-3's over the higher priced offerings from B&W, ProAc and others. In my very large room, with my components, the SL-3's are far more "live" than the competition. Sorry, B&W, I demoted my old pair to the home theater room.
Recently purchased new speakers. Listened extensively to the JM Labs, Hales 5, Maggies (various models, something really special in the right larger room with great electronics), Thiels 2.3 & 6's, Dunlavy, Sonus Fabers and Avalon. While by far not the least expensive, the Avalon Eclispe do some magic in the mid range, the Hales in the upper registers and the B&W's overall balance is very coherent, however, for my taste and listening room size, the Avalon was the speaker of choice. Now, it's time to upgrade other components to get the most they have to offer. The B&W is also an excellent choice.
Listen to the Artemis Eos (with matching subs) before you decide.
I had the 802 Matrix it's a good choice for someone who loves sweet sound. After i had the Thiel 2.5 and now for three years i have the B&W Siver Signature and i like them alot. So i can tell you forget the brightness of Thiels or Avalons with a pair of B&W , their treble "roll off" is well known. I recomend Tubes on the S.S and transistor for the others.
I have owned a pair of N802's for a little over a year. With all CJ Premier tube's on the front end and amp, a first class analog and CD setup, and cables such as JPS labs or Tice, that are not soft sounding, the N802's are great speakers at a resonable size. I have listened to a lot of speakers lately and have not heard better.