Stands to go with B&W Nautilius 805?

Any suggestions from owners of N805 or S805? I heard good things about Sound Anchor & HNE. How are Target and Sound Organization? Thanks.
60c90f62 524e 4371 b7f7 bc5419e51b81glai makes a great stand. You may also want to check the Sistrum Stand as well at (You will have to request pictures of their stands, the Sistrum Stands are not on the website yet). I just ordered the Mapleshade Rooted Buttress Stands for my 805s along with brass cones for resonance control. makes a stand just for the 805. I am ordering their basic stand for a silverline monitor.
Plateau in Canada makes a beautiful four-post sand-fillable Target knockoff for $200! Called the V23 I believe, for its height in inches.
Tyler acoustics makes a great stand. They also make awesome amp stands.
I've just recently purchased Sound Anchor stands for my N805's, directly from Sound Anchor. It's a super solid, one piece stand, 40lbs each, and the speaker bolts to it, making a very solid setup. Around $400 delivered. Good looking too... In recent conversations with Bob, at Sound Anchor, he is selling more stands direct, rather than through dealers.
The Sistrum Mini Monitor Platforms are just perfect for your 805s. I have my Revel M20s sitting on them. Read my review in the archives. They are going to have a picture, very shortly, I'm told, on their website. I bought them with just a verbal description. They are visually stunning, not to say what they will do for your speakers. You haven't heard those babies, yet, until you have them sitting on something like the Sistrum system. Call Robert at He's the man over there. He'll set you free. They are a bit pricey, but hey, they are a direct extension of your speakers. Extremely important in ultimately determining what your speakers can or cannot do. They have a money back guarentee. Whattayagots to lose? Shipping? Check 'em out.
subaruguru, any link where i can find and look at the plateaus' mentioned. thanks

The HNE Cableway dedicated support is manufactured in the UK from polished piano black microgranite, profiled to the 805 and is constructed with laminated timber to be neutral and balanced mass (14kg)but with very high stability. Available in black granite and leather finishes the supports are worthy matches for the speakers design and produces 5* performance with custom heights and service.
There will be a new website for B&W dedicated tested products from HNE for the 802, 803, 804, 805, CDM and HTM isolated plinths and supports. Available worldwide direct from HNE in the UK.