Best used amp for Nautilius 804's under $1,800?

Hi Folks,

Finally bought some 804's and need an amp that will do them justice. Have considered the classic B&W/Classe combination with a CA-200, but also hear some good things about Bryston 4BST with the 804's. Have even looked into some older Levinson gear, like the 23 (would 100/ch watts be sufficient?) or 27.5, but don't know that buying something that old is a good idea.

The system will be used for 2 channel and HT in a room that is about 18'x 18' with 8' ceilings. Music is jazz, classical, soft rock and some acoustical/voice (wide spectrum). Associated equipment currently includes B&K Reference 30 and a Denon DVD-3800. IC's are Audioquest Coral and speaker cable is Monster Z1 reference. Plan to add a dedicated CD as the primary 2-channel source, probably an Arcam FMJ 23. Don’t want to use a 5-channel HT amp since I’ll be doing 4.1 instead (one stereo amp for the fronts and another for the surrounds, let the 804’s fill in the middle) and want to focus on a quality 2-chanel amp for now.

Any thoughts or opinions you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

Krell KAV-250 works well with B&Ws
A friend has a BAT VK200 with his N803's and it is an excellent match, the VK200 looks like a good deal for about $1500 used.
When I had N804s, I found that a McIntosh amp and pre did the best justice ever. Krell KSA100 did not sound to my liking anymore although it had worked well with my previous Vandersteens. The McIntosh MC7100 however really made the best of the 804s. The Mc made them sound rich, silky, and sweet with amazing bass - noticibly better than the Classe CA100 as a matter of fact. This was my experience - good luck! Arthur
How about amp from Jeff, good match??