B&W 685 or Paradigm Titan/mini Monitor V6

So I'm new at all this and am looking for advice for first time buying. A friend of mine has B&W 601(?) speakers and loves them and they do sound good. So that's where I started, I also found a forum that recommended Paradigm speakers which based on the reviews I've sound like they are good for the price offered. But I'm still not sure what I should be looking for before I go out and demo these. My budget is kind of small and would like to spend no more then $700 for the speakers, I'm looking for speakers that would be good for music (mostly rock but my tastes and albums do range quite a bit) and movies. Are these speakers a good start or are there other brands I can check out that are better within my price range? Also, I should note that at the moment I own an old Marantz 1060 receiver, but I plan on replacing it with one that will allow for the best sound (in my budget) with the speakers I buy.

Several years ago I was in the market for new speakers.The only decent brands in my area were B&W and Paradigm at a home theater emporium(no stereo stores in the area).I listened for a couple of hours to several sets of speakers.I ended up with Paradigm Monitor 7's.I just felt they sounded better than the B&W's and turned out they were less expensive.This was just my experience,you need to listen to the speakers and use your ears as your guide.
the 685's are great monitors.. excellent for the price imo, i prefer b&w over paradigm, but best to go demo both
IMO the B&W 6 series isnt that great for the price. I suggest you look/listen around a bit more. Have u looked into focal/infinity/psb/revel compared to paradigm? :)
I have had a pair of 685s for a year now, and I love the sound. I picked an open box pair up for $500, and I think they are very competitive at that price. $650 may be a bit high, that is what they go for at retail in my area.
I had a roommate who ran Paradigm towers and I always felt they were a bit heavy in the low end. I prefer a more neutral sound, and the 685s fit that bill. I would also check out Wharfedale and Monitor Audio in this price range, if you can.
I havnt heard the Paradigm mini Monitors but I have heard the entire 6 series line and found that it was grossly overpriced for how it sounded. I highly suggest you avoid the B&W 6 series.